Ducks & Deer

Ducks & Deer

Times Outdoors Columnist Hunting time is really here with both duck and deer season getting started. Deer season has been going on for a couple of weeks and some very nice trophies have been delivered to Lakeside Taxidermy. The best deer was taken by Justin Boyette. It had super tall, foot long brow tines and an inside measurement of 23 inches. The deer scored about 148 and is only a 7 pointer.

I was checking a couple of duck holes and discovered a wet foot when I got back to the truck. No problem. Just spray some of that Fix-a-Flat on the seam where it was leaking. The next day the same boot was still leaking and the water is cold. These waders have been through at least 7 seasons. Time for a new pair. I visited Toby at ANN’S down on Broadway Street and was surprised to see the large variety of boots in his store, including waders for the young hunters. He has all the top line waders like LaCrosse, Hard Core, and Banded in all sizes and you can sit on the bench and try them all on. After about an hour of trying on different sizes and styles because different brands fit different and you need to see what fits you best, I settled on a pair of the new breathable Banded with 1500 grams of Thinsulate.

instead of the Neoprenes.

Toby had a big order of LaCrosse arrive while I was making up my mind.

He is a very patient man and his prices are in line with all the mail order catalogs. He has the Filson waxed cotton products. I had rather get my hunting equipment from a man that hunts.

While shopping for waders I noticed his complete supply of hunting coats and pants, along with the latest in underware and hunting shirts. He has a portable dog house the dog can ride in the back of a truck. It is very light weight and can be carried to the duck hole and has adjustable legs to let the dog retrieve from the house. ANN”S carries several duck calls made by Buck Gardner and the new Havoc calls in single and double reed. The Havoc calls are made of Delrin and are very tough.

Opening day of duck season was greeted by wind and rain which made hunting very good or awful, depending on where you were hunting. The field shooters enjoyed it more than the timber hunters.

The big lake hunters like Horseshoe and Mid Way said the wind made the lakes very rough and the ducks were hard to get close. If you hunt Mid Way, Ed’s Boat Dock, on the east end of the lake, charges $5.00 to launch while the other ramp charges $20.00 to launch a duck boat. That’s a big difference for a 10 minute boat ride. So far there have not been many reports called in with reports of limits. The Corp of Engineers has put large rocks on the lake bank between the commercial ramps where we use to launch. Signs prohibit driving off the levee to the edge of the Mid Way.

This is one of the few times in 70 years that Papa Duck did not open the duck season. My duck holes did not have enough water or ducks to fight the weather and mud for, plus I had just had my big toe worked on at NEA/Baptist in Jonesboro by Dr. Chis Rowlett and it hurt just to put on my waders, much less walk in them. Dr.

Rowlett, who is also a duck hunter, said it was OK to hunt if I could stand the pain. In this case, the gain was not worth the pain. We have a long season ahead. Do any of you duck hunters know if anybody is processing ducks for the public. There are a few duck pickers at private clubs, but we need a place to drop off your ducks and get them ready for the skillet or freezer. Please let me know!

Today is Thanksgiving Day and may you and your families enjoy this special day to enjoy great food and be with your family and special friends. Don’t forget to thank The Good Lord for all the blessing we have. We have some traditions that go back many years. We try to duck hunt early in the morning and get back home in time for that great turkey dinner with all the trimmings. We then go visit the Christmas Tree Man on Missouri St. to pick out THE TREE. This is not a quick happening and requires some tough decisions. Then it back to the house and the start of decorating this major holiday happening. When Dr.

Keith was little we went to the “cut your own tree” lot near Earle, but its been closed for many years, so now it’s the Missouri St.

tree lot. He has very good trees.

It might not have been a good opening day, but the best of the season does not start till about Christmas time. The kids will be out of school and there is no excuse to not take that young hunter with you.

Take plenty of pictures.

Papa Duck loves to show off those pictures in our paper. Lakeside Taxidermy puts the kid’s trophies at the front of the line with quality work and fast service at a reasonable price.

Papa Duck Lakeside Taxidermy 870- 732- 0455 or 901482- 3430 jhcriner@ hotmail. com

By John Criner