Are you ready to ‘GetFit’ in 2018?

Are you ready to ‘GetFit’ in 2018?

Extension Office program set for return with the new year

Crittenden County Extension Office Let's GetFit in 2018!

The health benefits of regular strength training are well established. Despite the evidence, most American adults do not meet physical activity recommendations, which include strengthening exercises. The most recent recommendations for physical activity suggest adults to participate in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercises each week, plus at least two days of strength training for all major muscle groups. The Extension GetFit program is an established, research- based program geared towards mid-life and older adults through the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service in Crittenden County. The 45-to-60-minute classes work to improve strength, balance, endurance and flexibility through use of hand weights, resistance bands and medicine balls. The year-long program runs in three 12-week sessions with new sessions starting in January, May and September. In 2018, twice-a-week classes will be held on Mondays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. at the Crittenden County Extension Office and at 1 p.m. at Missouri Street Church of Christ. This opportunity is open to anyone regardless of age or physical ability. One participant said, “It has been an excellent opportunity to build up my stamina and strength. It has improved my quality of life.” The cost of the program is $20 a year which includes all sessions and fitness assessments. Classes will resume on Monday, Jan. 8. If you are ready to start exercising regularly, this is the class for you! Contact Meredith Wayman at (870) 739-3239 or for more information.

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is an equal opportunity/ equal access/affirmative action institution. If you require a reasonable accommodation to participate or need materials in another format, please contact your (insert appropriate office) as soon as possible. Dial 711 for Arkansas Relay.

By Meredith Wayman