ADH Flu Report

ADH Flu Report

Arkansas continues to see widespread cases During the flu season the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) produces a Weekly Influenza Report for clinicians. The report provides information on flu activity in the state. The report also compares influenza like illness (ILI) in Arkansas to activity in the U.S. ADH receives reports of only a fraction of flu cases. Therefore, it is important to understand that the information in the weekly update is representative of the timing and location of activity, but it does not reflect the overall burden of disease. It is presumed that there are many more people actually affected than the report shows. Clinicians and policy makers may find the report helpful in terms of communicating to colleagues and patients about the current status of the flu season.

Report Key Points (Week of Jan. 12):

• For Week 1, Arkansas reported Widespread activity to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for geographic spread of influenza, and High or 10/10 for ILI intensity.

• Since October 1, 2017, over 18,000 positive influenza tests have been reported to the ADH online database by health care providers. In Week 1, 73 counties reported influenza cases. The majority of reports came from Benton, Pulaski, Faulkner, Washington, Craighead, White, Saline, Garland, Jefferson, Sebastian, Pope, Lonoke, Independence, and Baxter.

• Among flu antigen tests that can distinguish between influenza A and B virus types, 76 percent were influenza A, and 24 percent were influenza B.

• There were 283 positive PCR flu tests last week from private labs: 222 influenza A, and 59 influenza B; 1 positive influenza A subtype H3N2 and 1 positive influenza A subtype H1N1. There were 4 positive influenza A subtype H3N2, and 4 positive influenza B subtype Yamagata from the ADH lab; 2 samples tested negative for influenza this week.

• About 6.5 percent of patients visiting emergency rooms last week were there for ILI. About 8.9 percent of outpatient visits were for ILI.

• The average school absenteeism rate last week was 8.7 percent among public schools.

• To date, 36 influenzarelated deaths have been reported in Arkansas this flu season among adult persons. No pediatric death has been reported in Arkansas this flu season.

• Since October 1, 2017, 34 facilities including 27 nursing homes have reported influenza outbreaks.

• The proportion of deaths reported to the National Center for Health Statistics attributed to pneumonia and influenza (P& I) was below the system-specific epidemic threshold.

• You can report flu yearround and view the weekly influenza report during the influenza season at: http://www.healthy.arkansa You can also access the reporting website directly a t : https://FluReport.ADH.Ark

From the Arkansas Department of Health