Last Days of Duck Season

Last Days of Duck Season

By John Criner

Times Outdoors Columnist There are only a few more days of this duck season and as usual, the hunting was either very good or dismal. The few good hunting areas had food and water early and managed to have open water during the prolonged freeze. As of last Sunday Horseshoe Lake and Midway Lake still had an inch of ice on them, thus preventing both fishing and duck hunting, still a few hearty souls managed to get to their frozen blinds across the lake. The rivers, like the Cache and St. Francis, had moving water and some ducks were taken.

This last week has been much warmer and there is hope that the hunters can finish up with a flourish.

One can’t make up for lost and bad trips, but going out on good hunting will put a good taste in the hunter’s mouth for next year. All hunters, either duck, deer, or any kind of game, look forward to “next” season.

The wild game supper at West Memphis 1st Baptist Church was a success.

There was great food, an entertaining program provided by Ronnie Tice, and Christian brotherhood for the men and boys. There are many thanks to the men who provided the game and did the cooking.

This will probably become an annual event.

Angel’s Way Baptist Church will hold their annual wild game supper on Friday Feb. 9, 2019, at the John Deer tractor sales starting at 7 p.m. and the cost is $10. The supper is only for men and boys with Mark Rose, the pro bass fisherman, providing the program. This dinner has been going on for several years and attracts close to 500 sportsmen Call the church office to get tickets.

During these days of cold and severe weather when it was too cold for a duck hunter, the bird feeder provided entertainment. I dragged out my well worn copy of Peterson Field Guide and tried to identify the many birds out my window. The bright sunshine and snow made for fairly easy identification.

The cardinals and juncos along with sparrows and black birds were most popular. are seldom seen unless there is snow on the ground. No robins, so it will be a while before the first day of Spring.

While watching the birds the squirrels were busy on the corn feeder. The squirrel feeder looks like boat paddle with a spike on the small end that a dried ear of corn is screwed on.

The paddle is balanced in the middle and when a busy tail gets on the ear of com, the paddle spins around. When the squirrel lets go and gets back on the tree, the blade of the paddle is down and the com is at the top. Its fun to watch the feeder spin.

We are going into the last days of the season and I wish the best to all the duck hunters. We deserve a good finish. The following Saturday, Feb. 3, is for the kids. No adult shooting. Take that young hunter and rejoice in him killing his limit. Bring that trophy to Lakeside Taxidermy for fast service with quality work at a fair price. The kid’s trophies get mounted first. Send your outdoors question to “Ask The Game Warden.”

Sgt. Andy Smith has the official answer and he is glad to offer his expertise.

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John Criner