‘ Chan da Man’

‘ Chan da Man’

Marion dad steps up for Father- Son game night

ralphhardin@gmail.com It started with a Facebook post.

“PSA for all parents of boys at Marion Elementary School,” wrote Chantein Wasion (Yes, it’s a dude.

Yes, his name is Chantein.

Wanna fight about it?) “So Thursday night is the annual Father-Son game night at the school. Brody gets excited and looks forward to this event every year, as do I.”

Cool, right? What dad doesn’t get hyped about game night with his son?

But it didn’t stop there.

“However, I’m very aware of the amount of kids that don’t have a father figure in their life, or maybe they do and due to work, Dad can’t get off, and heaven forbid if one of you mom’s try to bring your son…lol.”

Yep, Chan da Man was about to take a stand.

“So with that being said, I’m just posting this as a legit open invite to anyone who has a son at Marion Elementary, but doesn’t have a male that is available to take them Thursday night… LET ME TAKE YOUR BOY! Yes, Brody and I will pick him up, pay the lil’ fee, go have fun at game night, and deliver him back safely.”

Nope, not a joke.

“Seriously, don’t let your son hear about the fun he had at ‘guys night’ from his other friends… let me take him… seriously… whether one person responds to this or 100… I will make it happen.”

Totally legit offer.

“So I repeat,” he poster, “if your son goes to Marion Elementary, Thursday night is Father-Son-Guy’s Night.

If you are a mom with no male to take your boy…

message me… I got you. If you are a dad that has to work (no shame in that, I missed one year), message me and I got you. I’ve spoke with Brody and this is something he wants to do as well, as half his class is never there… Tag your friends that have a son that goes there. Share this. No need to comment on this, just shoot me a message and I would love to take your little one. No, this isn’t for credit or likes… at that age, I grew up without a father, so I remember how bad it sucked to not be able to attend these events. Let your boy have some fun… MESSAGE ME!”

And message him they did. So, last Thursday night, Chan and Brody showed up to the big event with a full posse in tow of young men out for a good time.

Chan posted a pic from the gathering, with the caption “Had a blast at Father/Son aka guys night!! #DidntEvenLoseAKid”

By Ralph Hardin