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Hey West Memphis Utilities. What happened to weekly trash pick up? All the spring yard clean up trash is starting to pile up. I pay $16.50 per month for trash and garbage pick up and I have a Wal-Mart bags worth of garbage since I wash 95% of my garbage, put it in the car and take it to the recycling bins. Do I need to haul my yard trash to the landfill too. [Editor’s Note: I’ve got my West Memphis reporter looking into this. He’s tried but can’t seem to get anyone on the phone. I was in West Memphis quite a bit over the weekend and I did see some places where it looked like the trash collection was behind, but it may have just been some folks doing some spring cleaning] After all the fraud & abuse of taxpayer’s money by the Earle School Superintendent, employees & board members, how many lost their jobs & how will they repay taxpayers?

[Editor’s Note: As previously reported, Superintendent Rickey Nicks was removed from that position. That was the only lost job. The Arkansas Department of Education suspended the authority of the Earle School District School Board (however, they remain in place in an “adviso/y capacity” to the new superintendent), and as far as I know, that was the extent of the state takeover. As far as the district’s efforts to “repay taxpayers,” the district has implemented a comprehensive plan to repay not only state and federal money it spent improperly, but also to pay other debts that originally led to the school system being placed in fiscal distress to begin with. It will take time but the plan is to ultimately hand the district back over to the people of Earle, hopefully with a plan for doing business properly going forward] Quick shout out for that awesome Wrestlemania IQ!! [Editor’s Note: Oh, you have no idea… if you added up all of the time I've spend watching wrestling, reading about wrestling and even writing about wrestling online, Iprobably could have a Ph.D. in something by now. At least that’s what my wife thinks.

You should ask her, but she probably wouldn’t be able to hear you over the sound of her eyes rolling] It is interesting that the latest sad mass murder occurred at a Waffle House given that the US Government is “waffling” on about gun control. It's not the citizen's right to bear guns that is the problem although the people's right to be safe should be the paramount concern.

Some people by their prior actions, character or mental health should be precluded from access to guns.

[Editor’s Note: Clever play on words, but you’re right.

There’s crazy, and then there’s “naked man shoots up a Waffle House” crazy.

And while I’m not sure w’hat sort of a clinical diagnosis you could draw from this fellow, I'd be willing to bet someone out there could have told you beforehand that this guy should not have had access to a firearm. There needs to be some sort of way to identify those types of individuals and make it very, very difficult for them to acquire a gun. I can’t imagine anyone arguing against that stance, regardless of their opinions on the Second Amendment]


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