It’s ‘Mothers’ Day’ in Judge Thorne’s courtroom

It’s ‘Mothers’ Day’ in Judge Thorne’s courtroom

‘ How would all these people make it if their moms passed away?’

The jail was full on Monday as was the cold courtroom.

A man in jail with felony and misdemeanor charges was asked by Judge Fred Thorne, “When did you plead in circuit court?”

“Several months ago.”

“What charge did you plead to?”

“Terroristic acts.”

“See the public defender.”

A man with domestic battery 3rd degree felony charges was asked, “Do you have anyone in court for you?”

“We are his mother and father,” said a voice in the courtroom.

To the man in jail, “Do you work?”


“How long?”

“Three years.”

“How old are you?”


“When were you arrested?” “Friday.”

“How much did you make last year?”

“About $30,000.”

“Who do you have to support other than yourself?”

“My daughter.”

See the public defender. Parents if you will stay here he will have a bond set after he talks to the public defender.”

Another man in jail with a felony charge of delivery of cocaine was asked, “Do you have a job?”

“I am not employed.”

“How long have you been unemployed?”

“Eight years.”

“How do you live with no money?”

“I do odd jobs.”

“Who do you live with?”

“My mom.”

“Do you pay her any money?”

“Yes, sir.”

“How much?”

“$80 a month.”

“See the public defender. How would all these people make it if their moms passed away?”

Aman with felony and misdemeanor charges told the judge he made about $600 a week.

“Who do you have to support?”


“Sit down. I’m not appointing you the public defender.”

A woman with possession of drug paraphernalia and misdemeanor charges was asked, “Are you married?”


“Who do you live with?”

“My mom.”

“Are you working?”


Judge Fred Thorne “How long has your mother been supporting you?”

“Two or three years.”

“See the public defender.”

A man in jail was charged with criminal trespass and pled no contest.

“You were barred from the dog track in December of 2016.”

“I didn’t know I was barred permanent.”

“You were asking the people there for money. $250 plus court costs.”

Awoman in jail was asked, “Did I recently see you?”

“It was 2014.”

“How do you plead to drug paraphernalia?”

“Not guilty.”

“Get her a trial date.”

“May 7th,” said the court clerk.

A man was in jail who had a remanded appeal.

“Are you his lawyer?” asked Judge Thorne of a lawyer in the courtroom.


“What happened?”

“He didn’t show.”

“He owes $815 and 10 days jail. I’ll have him do five days jail and five days house arrest. He still has to pay the $815. I’ve seen him 20 times.”

The next man in jail was asked, “Were you arrested with that woman?”


“How do you plead to having drug paraphernalia?”

“No contest.”

“Are you taking the rap for her?”

“She didn’t have anything to do with it.”

“I’ll dismiss her. You have 180 days and a $1500 fine.” A woman in jail was charged with theft and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

“This charge usually means you were using the children to help you steal. You better talk to the public defender.” A man in jail was asked, “When was the last time I saw you?”

“Last week.”

“How do you plead to driving on suspended?” “No contest.”

“How much time did I give you last time?”

“Seven days, last time.”

“What happened on your burglary?”


“Still with your girlfriend?” “Yes.”

“Does she work?”

“She gets SSI.”

“Do you work?”

“Yes. In Jonesboro.”

“How have you been getting

to work?” “She takes me.”

“$295 plus court costs and three days jail.”

A woman in jail was charged with criminal trespass at the dog track and pled no contest. Her mother was in the courtroom.

“She just came back from having an evaluation,” said her mother.

“How long was she at the hospital?”

“One week.”

“10 days jail. Her week at the hospital can count so she has three more days in jail.” A man in the courtroom was called up. His mother came with him.

“I posted a cash bond. I want to know if I can get it back?” asked the mother.

“He is going to pay on his tickets and I am going to get some of that money!” said the judge.”If there is any money coming back to you, it will be made out to him so he will have to sign the back of the check and give it to you.”

“I have no problem doing that,” said the man.

“I hope so! How do you plead to following too close?”

“No contest.”

“Failure to appear?”

“No contest.”

“Why didn’t you come to court?”

“My car broke down and I forgot.”

“He can get 30 days. Do you want that?”

“No, sir.”

“Do you work?”


“Mother want do you want to tell me about him?”

After thinking a long while she said, “He has been bad the last six months. I told him he needed to get in school.”

“30 days probation with random drug testing.”

The man didn’t want a drug test.

“You couldn’t pass a drug test today could you? If you don’t want random drug testing you can do 15 days jail.”

“I want the random drug testing.”

“I want you back for review. Does he live with you ma’am?”

“No. He lives in our condo but he is being evicted.”

“In 30 days if you aren’t clean, bring a toothbrush with you!”

By the Evening Times News Staff