Still going strong at 72

Still going strong at 72

Personal Trainer A couple of years ago there was a rumor of a mighty man of West Memphis. He had survived being struck by lightning!

We all know there are few survivors of this great power of God. This man had also survived a flour/kitchen aide blender attack in his kitchen making a cake for his wife.

I thought he was a myth until he showed up in my aerobics class. All I can say is wow! I would describe him as quite, kinda shy looking, and very determined.

As a 70th birthday present to him, his daughter hired me to work with him for 6 weeks. In that time frame, we developed more stamina, strength, endurance, and most of all a great love and respect for Joe Catt.

Patti-Beth wanted exercise to be a stress reliever for him. His wife was under chemo and he was cooking, cleaning, washing, and many other task. He did what so many of us pray to be able to do during those times.

Joe said, “Tracy, I learned how to turn on the dishwasher, dryer and washing machine. Never done that before!” If you want to know the benefits of eating right, exercising and Praising God ask him. He has run several 10k’s, 5k’s, and a half-marathon, along with riding his bike, cooking healthy meals and taking his mom breakfast everyday.

That’s right — His mom!

Mr. Joe is always trying to bring people to my aerobics class and making them feel welcome. I could go on for days about this “myth,” but he is no myth.

Mr. Joe is the God-fearing, father, grandfather, and friend that I am proud to write about.

He is currently running 2,018 miles by the end of the year to celebrate 2018.

Patti-Beth Holzer, I say thank you for sharing your father with me. Now I get to share his story with so many others. I hope when I get to 72, I will be like Joe Catt! Mr Joe, we love you. Until next time, Tracy the Trainer

Tracy Evans is a personal trainer who is sharing the journey of his personal weight loss success story and the success of others to inspire his community to take that first step to a healthier lifestyle.

By Tracy Evans