Coulter tapped for new WM Communications Director job

Coulter tapped for new WM Communications Director job

Position will be used to develop, implement overall communication strategy for the city

The City of West Memphis is pleased to announce that Nick Coulter has been selected as the new Communications Director for the city, effective May 1.

Coulter will be responsible for the planning and oversight of the city’s communications strategy, along with the digital output on various social media platforms, and will work closely with the Mayor’s Office, Economic Development, Advertising & Promotions, and top municipal officials as their communications link between each other and with the people of West Memphis.

“Nick’s commitment to public service and years of marketing and communications experience make him uniquely qualified to lead our communications effort,” said Jim Jackson, director of the city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Coulter previously served as Digital Marketing Director for Ford of West Memphis, where he oversaw the expansion of their social media presence along with essential and strategic marketing campaigns digitally.

Prior to joining the city, Coulter served as Director of Operations for Crittenden Publishing Company for more than 15 years. In that role, he was able to develop the dynamic, creative and comprehensive communications skills needed through digital and print media. “His focus on communications and forward-thinking practices will bring the City of West Memphis internally and externally closer to its residents,” said Jackson.

“We believe that through his individual strengths and shared experiences, he will help our city become the best informed city it can be.”

By the Evening Times News Staff