Esperanza Bonznza gives back to the community

Esperanza Bonznza gives back to the community

Grants, scholarships just a part of non- profit’s efforts throughout Crittenden County

Esperanza Bonanza is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization that is responsible for planning and organizing the yearly festival. In addition to the festival, Esperanza Bonanza also gives back to the community and local charities, causes, and projects. Esperanza Bonanza might be held in Marion, but it is truly a festival for the surrounding towns, counties, and states. When the board gives back to the community through scholarships, donations, and numerous other thing things they don't limit that good fortune to just the city limits.

The Esperanza Bonanza board has been working very hard to make giving back bigger and better. Those years of work came to fruition with the festival and organization gaining 501(c)3 status in 2008. This allows more companies and corporations to invest in Esperanza Bonanza, which in turn can invest in the community.

Among the ways they give back, Esperanza Bonanza offers grant opportunities to local fellow non-profit organizations, and in 2017 distributed more than $40,000 to these groups on top of the annual $5,000 donation that’s made to the Marion Chamber of Commerce. There is also an Esperanza Bonanza scholarship program to assist area graduating high school students, and they have aided the local fire department and emergency response services in funding over the years. In addition to monetary contributions, Esperanza Bonanza also regularly makes improvements on the property in which the festival is held. The pavilion site, running water, lighting, roads, and parking areas are not only used during the festival, but are available throughout the year for other events, public use, and as a site available for relief unit set up in the event of a natural disaster. Visit www.esperanzabonanza. org for more information or find the Esperanza Bonanza page on Facebook.

By the Evening Times News Staff