Cooper making bid for District 24 State Senate seat

Cooper making bid for District 24 State Senate seat

Turrell mayor will oppose Ingram in May 22 primary Don’t Judge Dorothy Cooper by the number of signs she has up.

Cooper, who is running for the District 24 state Senate seat currently held by Keith Ingram, said she is instead asking the voters to look at her record of hard work that she has put in as mayor of Turrell to turn that city around, and what she can do to help meet the needs of District 24 if voters send her to Little Rock.

“I don’t have the funds for that to put out signs like that,” Cooper said. “I’m not putting my hopes in a sign.

I’m putting my hope in the work that I have done.

When I meet voters I tell them don’t look for a sign.

Look for what it is that I have done for the good of everyone.”

Cooper has been mayor of Turrell since January 2015 and has managed to turn things around in what had been a badly neglected city.

She solved the city’s water woes by getting grant funding for a new pneumatic water tank, got Turrell its own library branch, built a new city park with basketball nets, walking trail, and pavilion, got the state to overlay lay miles of city streets, and has just recently secured funding to fix the city’s sewer pond — all of that while dealing with a hostile city council.

“It’s no secret that I have had to battle with council to get things done,” Cooper said. “But I am so passionate about Turrell and helping people. Its been worth the struggle to see things get done. And that’s what I hope people will see about me. If I have to beg, plead, and twist a few arms, I get things done that help people. That’s my passion.”

Cooper said the race isn’t personal between her and Ingram. In fact, she has nothing but praise for Ingram, who helped her get the funding for the water tank.

“As a matter of fact, Senator Ingram came to our council meeting last week,” Cooper said. “And many times I have praised him for helping us get the funds for our water tank. All I am trying to do is help people.

And to do that, you have got to bring change.”

She just has a different vision and a different approach that she believes will be very effective in addressing the needs of District 24. Cooper said she has already demonstrated that she has the ability to work with legislators and state agencies to get things done.

“I’ve been to all kinds of meetings on behalf of Turrell,” Cooper said. “I reached out to everybody — USDA, Arkansas Natural Resources Council.

They know me because if there is a meeting taking place, I’m there. I have the connections that have helped my city and I know I can do the same for District 24.

District 24 includes all of

Crittenden County and parts of Cross, Lee, Phillips, and St. Francis. Ingram has served in the state Senate since 2013 and was in the state House from 2009-2013. This is the first time Ingram has had an opponent since the 2012 primary when he defeated Sen. Jack Crumbly.

Cooper said she is focused on getting more jobs for the Delta, more affordable housing, and fixing streets and water problems.

“I feel good about the race,” Cooper said. “I’ve been out and to just about every community. I see the needs. Our communities are hurting badly. So my message is, don’t put your hopes in a sign. Put your hope in what I have already done and how I can help even more people.”