Ask the Game Warden

Ask the Game Warden

By John Criner

Times Outdoors Columnist Q: Jim just bought a canoe. Does he have to register it? How about the small “Pond Powlers” that have an electric motor or small outboard motor? A: A canoe or “Pond Prowlers” would not need to be registered unless it is being propelled by any type of motor (this includes a trolling motor) or sail on Arkansas public waters.

Q: Tami saw a pickup truck with two dogs riding in the back and running from side-to-side while barking at other cars. It this legal? Do the dogs have to be in kennels?

A: Arkansas does not currently have a law requiring dogs to be secured while riding in the bed of a truck. However, I highly recommend the owners to kennel them not only for the dog’s safety but for potential safety issues it would cause flying out of a truck at high speeds for fellow motorists.

Q: On the TV game warden shows, there are often drugs involved. As Arkansas wardens, are drugs common when you check hunters or fishermen?

A: It’s not too common. Most of the people I encounter hunting and fishing are good law-abiding citizens and simply enjoying the outdoors with their families and friends.

Occasionally we do encounter people that are using drugs while hunting and fishing, but they are very much the minority and we deal with them accordingly.

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