A new gunsmith in town

A new gunsmith in town

By John Criner

Times Outdoor Columnist Hunting season is about two and a half months away and it won’t be long before its time to get the old smoke poles out and practice a little. Dove season comes first so that means checking to see if the shot gun is ready for a few limits of birds. Did you clean it “real good” after that last hunt or is it still in the case or in the gun safe?

Was there a mechanical problem or it was just dirty and did not want to “do right?” Either case, this is a good time to see a gun smith before he gets too busy and you have to wait to get “Ole Death Dealer” back.

Cory and Steve Gattis have opened Webb Arms at 60 E.

Military Rd. in Marion. That’s the row of offices on the East side of the rail road tracks in front of the court house. Webb Arms has been open for a few months and not only do they sell and trade new guns, they are a complete archery shop. The good part, Cory Gattis is a qualified gun smith working on all types of guns from pistols to big game rifles. His dad, Steve, is the expert in archery sales and repairs.

Gun repair started as a hobby for Cory while being in the restaurant business. He is 27 years old and has a culinary BS degree in cooking and restaurant management.

He says he has done everything from cleaning toilets to cooking fine cuisine, but has always had a passion for fire arms. Cory has been to several arms schools and is skilled in almost any kind of gun.

Gattis does his repair work at the rear of the shop where he has parts and accessories available. When a gun is brought in, he charges a $30 assessment fee that includes breaking the gun down and a rough cleaning with new parts extra. He does not work on black powder guns. Slide and barrel polishing along with cold bluing is available. He will mount scopes and bore sight for $20. If the gun and scope is purchased from Webb Arms, the mounting and bore sighting is free. When guns are purchased out of state, there is a FFL transfer that is required for which he charges $30.

When the transfer fee is added into the purchase of the gun, there is a good chance it would have been less expense to buy it at home.

Steve Gattis, the father of Cory, is the Archery expert selling top line bows like Matthews, Hoyt, and BowTek. He has a full line of archery equipment like sights, pins, strings, releases, and arrows.

Factory arrows are available or he can custom make arrows at the proper length and weight with special fletching and nocks. When a bow is purchased from Webb Arms, the bows are prepared with your choice of accessories at no additional cost. A limited selection of left-handed bows are available.

Cory has shooting accessories like targets, chokes, and magazine extensions along with a good selection of shotgun and rifle ammo. The store offers military and law enforcement discounts.

Webb Arms is a full service gun store and is open every day except Sunday and Monday.

Appointments can be made by calling 870-636-9592.

Cory Gattis at Webb Arms in Marion offers a full line of archery supplies, firearms and gun repair.

Photos by John Criner