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Text The Times.

Well, now we know the decision – Brett Kavanaugh for the supreme court, which was no great surprise. The confirmation may take some time and will probably succeed by that 1 vote but what does it mean, especially in regard to Roe vs Wade? The arguments for and against abortion are too complex, too numerous and too emotionally charged to attempt to discuss them in a single text but the reality is that abortions are still going to occur – legal or illegal. The concern is that the process must still be conducted in a safe manner for the mother.

[Editor’s Note: To give you an idea about how long the abortion debate has been going on, when I was in grade school, when it came time for us to do projects where we had to support an opinion, we were specifically told to stay away from abortion because it was too controversial and too emotional and such, and that was 30-plus years ago. And like you, I’m not about to attempt to address the complex layers of the issue here in Text the Times. I will say that Kavanaugh has stated on a >lumber of occasions that he considers Roe v.

Wade “settled law, ” but that, of course, was before he was in line to be one of the /line people who could potentially “unsettle” it. As far as Kavanaughs confirmation, I wouldn 7 hold your breath. While he was probably the only one of the four finalists Trump named that with any chance of being confirmed, I don’t think he '11 get the 50 yeas he’s going to need, unless they want to stall the vote until November and see if the balance of power holds in the Senate. I almost feel like Kavanaugh’s nomination is similar to Reagan’s nomination of Robert Bork, basically being put out there with little chance of confirmation knowing that it would be hard to say no to the second choice, who ended up being, fittingly enough, Justice Kennedy]

I really liked the Facebook page you did the other day in the newspaper. Way to go for doing something different not just bad news but pictures of kids having fun.

[Editor’s Note: We’ve reached a point as a society where it would be unreasonable for us to simply put out a newspaper with no regard to the many other outlets by which we can interact with our readers and the community can connect with us.

That’s why we are continuing to grow our social media presence. If you haven't seen it, I encourage you to be a part of our new Facebook Page “Life Times. ” While it’s very much in the early stages, the plan is to create a community-driven page where people can post news about their special events and activities. We ’re not just a newspaper. We have a web site, we have a Twitter, we want to appeal to the more technology-friendly people of the community, a?id while I think there’s still plenty to be said [or ha\ ’ing a good ol’ paper in your hand, there’s no denying the power ana potential of digital platforms]

Trump on TV telling people about his SCOTUS pick. Why can’t he just announce it without interrupting people’s shows? He always got to have the spotlight.

[Editor’s Note: While I definitely think filling the vacant seat on the Supreme Court is important, it was a little oda to make it into a prime time special. It kind of remindea me of the time ESPN gave Lebron James an hour o] prime time air that ultimately boiled down to the 15 seconds it tookfor him famously quip, “I'm going to take my talents to South Beach. ” A little pretentious arid a lot of ego]

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