‘ If he hasn’t done his community service, he needs to bring his toothbrush’

‘ If he hasn’t done his community service, he needs to bring his toothbrush’

Judge Thorne issues warning to mother of teen charged with disorderly conduct


There were five women and six men in jail when West Memphis District court started on Friday.

Judge Thorne called a man’s name who had felony charges of breaking and entering and theft.

“Do you have means to hire an attorney?”

“No, sir.”

“When did you last work?”


“What do you make a week?”

“It depends on how many hours I work.”

“I am a straightforward man. You should have told me the amount of money you made.”

“$200 to $300 a week.”

“How old are you?”


His father was in the courtroom. Judge Thorne asked him, “Were you shocked when you found out what he did?”

“Yes, I was.”

“See the public defender.” The next man with felony charges of felony possession of meth and cocaine also had misdemeanor charges.

“I know your family members.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You have drug charges.

Do you have anybody here?”


“Are you working?”

“I get SSI.”

The next man in jail had a DWI. “This is your fourth DWI. Do you have means to hire an attorney?”

“I already have an attorney,” and continued to name his attorney. “Your attorney says ‘no’.

You haven’t paid him any money.”

The bailiff held some people out in the hallway who were late or didn’t have an appearance time till 9:30 a.m.

“If they come in late, I just bond with them and we all stay late,” said the judge.

A young woman in the courtroom pled guilty to parking in a handicapped spot.

“Why did you park there?” “I didn’t see it.”

Her mother was with her and the judge asked her what she had to say.

“I apologize for being here and taking up your time.”

“You can pay $75 plus court costs and go to driver’s school or she can do eight hours community service. Does she work?”

“She does not work. She can do community service.”

“Who pays your insurance?”

“My mother.”

“Do you think it is fair for her to have to pay an extra $100 a month for your insurance?”


“I don’t know her finances but it would hurt for anyone to have to pay $1,200 extra a year for your insurance.”

A man in jail was charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle. He pled no contest. “I know your father. He told the police you stole his car.”

“I didn’t. I had permission for three days and I brought it back on the fourth day. It was a misunderstanding.”

“$250 plus court costs and one year suspended. Come back up to the mic. What is going on in your life that your father would call the police on you?”

“He is upset because I missed motorcycle school and my mother died.”

“Be back in here in two weeks. Go to Mid-South Health Systems and get an evaluation. I want your father subpoenaed to be here too.”

A woman in jail had appealed her sentence.

“You owe $1,130 and 20 days of house arrest. Your appeal was denied.”

“Can I get out of jail?”

“If you put $500 on the books today I’ll let you out.”

A man in jail charged with criminal trespass pled not guilty.

“Your trial date will be Aug. 21st at 8:30 a.m.”

A woman in jail charged with endangering the welfare of a minor pled no contest. To her no insurance charge she pled guilty. “The police said you had the door of your vehicle open. He was trying to give you the baby and you put your vehicle in gear and was trying to drive off. Is that your baby?”


“Where were you?”

“At the dog track.”

“Where do you live?”


“Do you work?”

“Yes, for the City of Memphis.”

“$295 plus court costs and six months probation. Go to Family Parenting School.

Be back here in two months for an evaluation.”

A woman in jail was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and pled guilty. She was also charged with obstruction of justice and pled guilty.

“How much more time do you need to serve to pay this out?”

“I’ve already sat out the obstruction of justice charge.”

“$250 plus court costs on the possession. Have a seat. We’ll see how long this will take to pay out in jail.”

A man in jail with a driving on suspended charge was given a fine of $400 plus court costs and three days jail.

“I’ve been here three days already.”

“Then I guess you will get credit for that time.”

A man in the court room was charged with speeding and no insurance. He pled no contest to both charges.

Judge Fred Thorne “Did you have insurance?

Where is your proof of insurance?”

“I left it in the car. This is the first time I have ever got a ticket.”

“Even if it is your first time, you should have known to bring the proof in. Go to you car and get it.”

The man came back in and brought his insurance.

“This does not show he had insurance at the time of the ticket,” said the bailiff.

“I’ll continue this until next Friday. You be back here with proof you had insurance on the date of the ticket. $55 plus court costs and driver’s school on the speeding.”

A woman in court had a ticket for driving on suspended and pled no contest. “I got a ticket in Jericho and paid it but Tennessee didn’t have a copy of the receipt,” The judge thought a minute and asked, “Did you pay the ticket late?”

“Yes, sir.”

“That is why they suspended your license. $165 plus court costs and two days house arrest.”

A woman in court pled guilty to no driver’s license and no contest to no tags and no insurance.

“What is your hope today in regards to what I will do with you today?”

“That you will understand.”

“Come back Monday with decent pants on and then we will decide your charges.”

A young man in the courtroom was charged with disorderly conduct. His mother was with him.

“Momma, did he tell you why he got arrested?”


“He was trying to fight and then he took off and the police found him. Who were your fighting?”

“I did not fight. He just came up and hit me with a stick.”

“He got evicted from his apartment and the police called me,” said his mother. “Is he working?”

“No, sir. He is not.”

“10 hours community service.”

“Can he do 20 hours?”

asked the mother.

“No. But if he doesn’t do the 10 hours, he will do one day in jail for each hour not done. If he hasn’t done his community service, he needs to bring his toothbrush.”

“I’ll bring a whole pack if I need to,” said his mother.

“Young man do you realize you have disrespected your mother? You should be saying to her that you are sorry you had to put her through this.”

By the Evening Times News Staff