Luckett resigns from Earle City Council

Luckett resigns from Earle City Council

Longtime city official will remain on as Building Inspector

A long-time Earle city councilman has resigned from the governing body, but will remain as the city inspector.

Councilman Bobby Luckett, Sr. submitted a letter of resignation to the council effective as of June 30.

“I want to thank the city council and the citizens for the opportunity to serve you for 22 years,” Luckett wrote. “Again, I thank you Earle for letting me serve.”

Luckett held the Ward 3 Position 1 seat and also served as the city inspector. However, a judge ruled that Luckett could not hold both positions. The decision was part of a lawsuit brought by community watch dog resident Frederick Pitchford over the 2016 budget and allegations of financial impropriety.

“In light of all this court stuff that has been going on, it was deemed that he should not serve in both capacities,” said Mayor Sherman Smith. He had to pick one and he picked this one.”

Smith said Luckett served the city well on the council and will continue to serve the city in his capacity as inspector.

Luckett has been actively cracking down on dilapidated properties in the city in an effort to clean the city up at the council’s request.

“Bobby is a good person,” Smith said. “He’ll be missed.”

Councilwoman Jimmie Barham agreed.

“I’m glad he is staying on to watch over the housing,” Barham said. “But it will be our loss for him not to be on the council.”

City Clerk Cynthia Conner said Luckett was a very conscientious councilman.

“He was a good councilman,” Conner said. “He would go out and try to resolve issues that we had.

He is a good guy and I hate to see this happen to him.”

The council voted to declare a vacancy and will consider naming a replacement at its August meeting.

“Council will recommend some names and they will have to vote to approve them,” Smith said. “Whatever names come forward, we will vote on them.”

In other business, the council voted to assist Parkin with its garbage pick up.

Smith said Parkin’s garbage truck has been broken down for about three weeks and asked for the city’s assistance.

“It’s been down for several weeks and they don’t have a definite time when it’s going to be ready,” Smith said.

The city agreed to pickup trash for Parkin on Tuesdays and Thursdays which will not conflict with its own pick up schedule.

“We’ve helped them in the past,” said Councilman Donnie Cheers. “And they’ve helped us.”

Smith agreed.

“We’re neighbors,” Smith added. “I’m happy to do it.

When we have a fire or police issue, they generally spot us. One good favor deserves another.”

Smith said they will begin service in Parkin next week. Wynne has agreed to pick up trash in Parkin for the remainder of this week.

By Mark Randall