Community throws down the gauntlet to MPD for ‘lip sync challenge’

Community throws down the gauntlet to MPD for ‘lip sync challenge’

Will Marion’s finest answer the call to get down with latest social media sensation

Social media trends come and go. We all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge and the “Harlem Shake” video sensations of days gone by, but the latest Facebook frenzy has targeted the Marion Police Department and the community is waiting with anticipation to see if the boys in blue are up to the task.

We’re talking, of course, about the “Lip Sync Challenge.”

For those who don’t do the Facebook thing, the “Lip Sync Challenge” Police departments from around the country have been challenging one another to lip sync battles.

Some of their videos have even gone viral, like the one showing the Norfolk, Virginia, Police Department's rendition of Mark Ronson's 'Uptown Funk,' featuring Bruno Mars.

Other police departments began posting in June, challenging one another to see who had the best routine. The San Antonio Police Department in Texas had an officer perform solo to *NSYNC's 'Bye Bye Bye,” while in Hampton, Virginia, the local fire department helped the PD with their take on “Good Vibrations.” While some online “challenges” are to raise awareness for a charitable cause or other effort, this challenge seems only to have fun and let it be known that the police can not only “protect and serve” but also “sync and dance.”

It’s all fun and games, but now that the phenomenon has reached the State of Arkansas, folks on the Marion Police Department’s Facebook page are waiting on the MPD to join in.

“Time for y’all to make y’all’s video,” Becky Russell posted to the MPD page.

“Even Blytheville did it,” wrote Amanda Renee. “We need to step up! Haha!”

The Blytheville PD’s rendition of TLC’s “Scrubs” already has over 140,000 views.

The official challenge came from Stacie Trevino on July 10, when she posted, “Who would LOVE to see our Marion PD officers do a lip sync challenge?

Comment below! Maybe we can get them to do it!”

And comment they did.

With 174 likes and 153 comments, it’s clear that the public wants to see the Marion Police shaking their groove thangs.

Of course, the public had its opinions on just exactly which song the officers need to perform.

Suggestions ranged from Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” to “Old Red” by Blake Shelton to Drake’s “In My Feelings.”

Of course, there are doubters.

“Word on the street is y’all can’t dance,” said Mike Chitty. “I don’t know personally, but that is the word…”

We shall see, people of Crittenden County. We shall see.