West Memphis students get jump start in job readiness, preparedness skills

West Memphis students get jump start in job readiness, preparedness skills

CDTI program helps provide local students with realworld experience in partnership with area businesses

From Career Development and Training Institute LLC

There is a group of seniors who are now ready or soon to be prepared to enter the Arkansas labor force after completion of the specialized Employability Skills Training they have been involved in during the past school year. The training was part of a new pre-employment program supervised by a state approved community rehabilitation provider. The eligible students are choosing or may be compelled to go directly into the job market or to a postsecondary institution.

Career Development & Training Institute, LLC, is providing the necessary training for this sometime difficult transition to be as successful as possible, for a greater percentage of these grads.

According to the AR Educational board and national statistics, a high percentage of high school seniors are unsure or not prepared for the next step after graduation. This number is even greater for those grads, who do not enroll into college or technical school for the next term.

Thanks to a state approved new program and the insights of the Director and founder of CDTI, between 50-65 students signed-up and have actively participated in the in-depth training program. The program is being offered for the first time in Crittenden County and to West Memphis students. It was developed to give students facing select challenges an alternative after graduating or high school. 'Our objective is to give our participants a competitive edge into the workforce, whereby, they will experience a smoother transition into self-sufficiency/ independent adulthood. This will happen as the student develop into a skilled and dependable employee.”

The Academies of West Memphis High School Administrators, seeing the benefits of career development/ readiness training for their students, partnered with Arkansas Rehabilitation Services, CDTI to administer the skills trainings. CDTI committed instructors, have and continues to provide the leadership to make sure students are successfully completing the 24-month program, thereby, making them eligible for Job Placement and supportive employment also offered thru CDTI. Its curriculum consists of job exploration, career counseling, post-secondary counseling, work-readiness, self-advocacy, and workbased learning.

As of July 1, Career Development & Training Institute have partnered with local businesses and placed 17 trainees in at worksites through their I.R.I.S.E.

work-based learning program. This step is proving beneficial not only to the trainee, but also, the business manager. They can appreciate the work ethics and job training skills of these trainees, at no expense to the business.

These self-determined trainees are moving forward; 12 have been accepted to college and 10-15 have been hired in permanent employment positions. Each new hire understands it is left up to them to become a dependable, earnest attentive employee, and put to practice the preparedness skills they gained under CDTI training program.

Students from West Memphis, Earle, and Marion communities are currently participating in the CDTI I.R.I.S.E. summer program that allows students to participate in college and business tours workshops, on-the-job training, reallife/ work experiences, workplace etiquette and professionalism, and finan- cial literacy.

The Pre-employment Transitional Program is the first of its' kind for Crittenden County/West Memphis students. The Program will be expanding to surrounding counties for the 201819 school term. With parental consent, over 35 seniors entered the program this past school term completing

over 45-65 hours of

individualized training and work-based learning. Many signed up for one reason only; students wanted to increase their chance of getting hired in a job of their interests or an opportunity to enter a skilled on-the-job training program that could possibly lead to an industrial career. The choice is theirs, if they learn and put into practice CDTI Training techniques.

Career Development & Training Institute program also offers a 3-4-week career readiness program.

CDTI strives to equip and empower transitional youth into a successful choice of life. For further information on our services please contact Career Development & Training Institute, LLC @