Delta Gymnastics celebrates 30th anniversary with free lessons

Delta Gymnastics celebrates 30th anniversary with free lessons

Owner Berry Adams is celebrating three decades of gymnastics training with at least two days of free lessons for local youths

Crittenden County’s leading gymnastics center, Delta Gymnastics, is turning 30 soon and for their special anniversary, owner Berry Adams and Delta Gym are offering a very special offer to Crittenden County youths, at least two days of free gymnastics training to any child that registers.

“I decided that Crittenden County has been good to me and I wanted to give something back,” Adams said. “What we’re offering is that, anybody who calls up, we’re doing two days on August 7 and August 8. If there’s a huge demand, we’ll offer it all week. So, we’re going to go ahead and offer free lessons to anyone who decides to call up there and register their child for a day of gymnastics.”

The road that led Adams to Delta Gym began in Paragould where he grew up and played multiple sports at Paragould High School. His journey then took him to Arkansas State University where he says he wasn’t quite good enough to play the same sports in college. Adams though, content on staying physically active, signed up for a gymnastics class during his freshman year at ASU, introducing him to the sport which he makes a living in today and leading him to become a cheerleader for the Red Wolves.

After graduating from Arkansas State University, Adams moved to West Memphis where he accepted a job as the football coach at East Junior High, landing a job that he had sought after for years. Through his professional connections at East, however, Adams was offered a part-time position as a coach at Delta Gymnastics, where he then became a partner and purchased the company three years after being named partner.

Adams, also a former physical education teacher, soon realized the benefits of gymnastics for children.

“The P.E. coach in my realizes that gymnastics is a really good sport for young kids,” Adams said. “It’s an individual sport, not a team sport, for those young ones who aren’t really ready to understand the team philosophy, and it builds strength and flexibility for any athlete; core strength, muscular strength and power. You have to have all of those in gymnastics to be successful. So, the whole reason I trained my son at a young age is that I knew it would be good for him no matter what sport he chose to do and he was really good at a lot of them.”

Adams son, Riley Adams, used his gymnastics training to play multiple sports in high school and compete in gymnastics for the University of Oklahoma. Along with Adams, five young women have went from training at Delta Gym to performing gymnastics in college.

After years of chasing a dream which revolved around coaching either football or baseball, Adams says he was surprised to discover how much he enjoyed teaching the girls who have came through his organization over the years. “My goal when I graduated college was to coach men in football and baseball,” Adams said. “The surprise was that I really have enjoyed teaching a lot of young ladies and seeing girls develop into women and athletes and see how they grow up. It’s interesting to talk to people that I knew when they were little. My teen girls work out three to five days a week. To see what they turned into and to know that hopefully I had something to do with that is special.”

Adams has many fond memories which have formed over the past three decades of raising Crittenden County’s young athletes. However, he wants to make one thing clear. The free training which the gym is providing is a celebration of the present, not a goodbye.

“It’s been awesome, and I’m not done yet,” Adams said. “I’m not going to rest right now. It’s not time for me to rest yet. I’m getting ready for the next thing that’s going to happen.”

To sign up for Delta Gymnastics free training which begins on August 7, call Delta Gymnastics at 870-735-5900.

By Collins Peeples