Hughes/Horseshoe Lake News

Hughes/Horseshoe Lake News

Garden Club

The Hughes Town & Country Garden Club held their July monthly meeting at High Water Landing. The hostesses were Nancy Bonds and Pamela Myrick. July’s Yard of the Month went to Terzino Bomprezzi, 54 Northwood Dr., Horseshoe Lake. The program this month was presented by Pamela Myrick on Fairy Gardens. The ladies enjoyed Cord-An-Bleu, Green Beans, Sliced Tomato, Roll and Peach & Orange Tart. Door prizes of fairy garden items went to: Sherry Dodd, Holly Bacon and Pam Ellis.


Youth Garden

The Horseshoe Lake Youth Garden Group, sponsored by the Hughes Town & Country Garden Club met on July 18th. The Youths made Butterfly feeders out of plastic plates and added beads to the strings. Everyone went home with fruit and sponges to put on their feeders and were assigned to watch and observe what types of butterflies they see. Their last meeting for the summer will be on August 8th since school starts on August 13th.



D's Outdoors would like to THANK all the Anglers that participated. There was a huge crowd that gathered @ the final weigh in and Pay-out Ceremony, who saw Roy Harness take the OVERALL WINNERS PRIZE. Roy posted the BIG FISH, early, at the 1st round weigh in and it held on, to take home the $1000.00 pay out!! Chris Griffin landed the big fish in 2 rounds of weigh ins, winning the 2nd and 4th periods. And Bubbie Pettigrew won the 3rd round of weigh ins, which posted him a 2nd place finish.


Hughes United Methodist Church Acknowledgments

July 27th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Joyce Long, Chad Lindsay, Wesley Eubanks, Duane Collins, Judith Allison, Lela Claire Smith and Zayla Greve. In Memory: Dorothy Pouncey and Mrs. James Burchfield.

July 28th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Steve Hipson, Sherry Dunaway Moss and Alice Bays Wunderlich. Happy Anniversary to: Larry & Frances Lane and Bert & Eva Pouncey. In Memory: Adeline Beck.

July 29th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Janet Morris McGehee, Kendrick Roberts, Caroline Bernard and Avery Helen Keech. In Memory: Steve West, Howard West and Eddie Robilio.

July 30th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Megan Clayton, Erica Danielle Barkley, Randy Van Houten and Bayleigh West. Happy Anniversary to: Jay Stephen & Peggy Simpson. In Memory: Arnie Bixler, Sr. and Herman Malone.

July 31st – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Jeanette Kelly, Lucille Gadberry, Daisy Meurrier, Butler Bernard III and Donna Chamness. In Memory: Dorothy Ann Jones. Aug. 1st – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Ward Bentley, Suzanna S. Haygood, Jim Sibley and Lela Adreann Cooper. Happy Anniversary to: Lee & Spring Davis. In Memory: Dan “Goobers” Fesperman.

Aug. 2nd – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Randy West, Avery Meredith, Suzanne Oswalt and Casey Lynn Rash. Aug. 3rd – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Bobby Gardner, Chip Arnold, Emma Lee Gadberry, Paul Harrison and Bentlee Blair. In Memory: Helen Lindsey.

Aug. 4th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Glenda B. Pearson, Donna Tate Prestage, Mary Cupples Allison, Carl Jean Kelly, Danny Coats, Dovie Wolf and Paula Hartness. Happy Anniversary to: Nancy & Woods Weathersby.

Aug. 5th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: “Stoney“ Beene, D. J. Dabb, Heather H. Parker, Natalee May and Joey Bloodworth. In Memory: Louis W. Bonds.

Aug. 6th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Sue Cromeans, Monica Paige Latham, Penny West, Blair Brown Houtas and Kyle Scott. In Memory: Robert L. Towery, Sr. (1997) and Joyce Feltman.

Aug. 7th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Sue Bonds, Eugene Frymire, Barbara Jean Riley, Barbara Starr, Billy Altman and Aiden Hood Glover. Happy Anniversary to: Bobby & Marianne Cupples. In Memory: Pete Adkison and Carolyn T. Meurrier.

Aug. 8th – Happy Anniversary to: Terry & Bettie Tarr.

Aug. 9th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Mary Jo West and Madelyn Cupples. Happy Anniversary to: Mr. & Mrs. Burch Estes, Mr. & Mrs. Danny Porter and Mr. & Mrs. Mickey Washburn.


Calendar of Events

Sundays Mass, 7:30 a.m., St. Mary’s of the Lake Catholic Church.

Sunday School, 9:45 a.m., Worship Service, 11 a.m., Horseshoe Lake Baptist Church.

Worship Service, 11 a.m., Hughes United Methodist Church.

Aug. 6th

Hughes Rotary Club meets, 6 p.m.

Horseshoe Lake Town Meeting, 6 p.m., City Hall on Highland Drive.

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Aug. 7th

Yoga Class, 8 a.m., Surf Club Building.

Horseshoe Lake Fire Dept. meets, 6:30 p.m., Fire Station on Lake Estates Drive.

Aug. 8th

Last summer meeting for Horseshoe Lake Youth Garden Group, 11 a.m., Horseshoe Lake Library.

Bible Study, 6 p.m., Horseshoe Lake Baptist Church.

Aug. 9th

Zumba class, 8 a.m., Surf Club Building.

Hughes Fire Dept. meets, 7 p.m., Fire Station on Blackwood.

Aug. 10th

Zumba class, 8:30 a.m., Surf Club Building.

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By Holly Bacon