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Text The Times.

I agree it is a sad situation when you live in a state and cannot get any television broadcast out of your own state. At least the Arkansas Democrat Gazette is making their newspaper available by providing a free iPad. To address the AETN broadcasts, it is available on Comcast channel 151. [ Editor’s Note: Yeah, but that iPad only comes with a paid subscription. I’m willing to bet that if everyone wanted to pay $ 10 a month to watch KATV, Comcast would change their attitude on providing it to customers over


*** Since Maxine Waters has now become the face of the Democratic Party, what do you expect she will present as a positive program? To date, all that she has done is holler and incite discontent. [ Editor’s Note: Who decided Rep. Waters was the face of the Democratic Party? I must have missed a meeting. Last I heard, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was the new golden child, at least according to CNN. Aren’t they the go- to source for biased liberal news? I’d throw Sen. Cory Booker or Sen. Kamala Harris out there as the next generation of leaders for the Democrats. But I don’t get my “ news” from Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, so what do I know?]

*** WOW, Chick-fil-A, wouldn’t it be interesting if it was located closer to Walmart, which has more visitors each day than a hospital ever will. In that case, Marion Schools would get the taxes. Every tried to get off on the 7th Street exit to get to Cracker Barrel, where you have to immediately fight to get over real quick. Hospital, all those hotels but I still think that would be a bad location. [ Editor’s Note: I don’t think the location of any potential local Chick-fil A has been formally announced, but I don’t think the hospital, while definitely a spark for development, is really the deciding factor for where a Chick- fil- A might be located. I would think Interstate frontage and access might weigh a little more there. I doubt the higher- ups at Chick- fil- A are like, “ You know who likes chicken sandwiches? Sick people!”]

*** The Times love this paper, however I have one small issue I can never find the paper before 10:30, would love to read it in the morning with my coffee. [ Editor’s Note: While I’m sure it would be nice to have the paper waiting on your doorstep first thing in the morning, we’re probably still putting the paper together when you get up. In case you ever wondered, from around 6 to 7: 30 a. m., we’re putting the final touches on the day’s paper ( having already put it mostly together the previous day) including the obituaries and any late- breaking news. Then it’s time to proofread. By 8: 30 a. m., we’ve usually gotten the paper formatted and ready for production ( that means it’s time to hit the press). And by 10 a. m., barring any issues, the paper is out the door. So, with all that, the fact that you get your paper by 10: 30 a. m.

probably makes you one of the first subscribers to get their paper each day. Maybe you could just hold off on that morning cup of coffee?]

*** While driving in Marion this Saturday, in about five minutes I saw five street signs covered with garage/yard sale postings – including one right near the courthouse. Not a good look and I hope no one from out of town actually needs to know what street they are approaching. Surely this is against some city ordinance?

[ Editor’s Note: While I don’t have a copy of Marion’s Municipal Code ( West Memphis has theirs online, so it’s much easier to research), I’m sure it is, indeed, against the rules to post over street signs. It’s probably also against code to post on utility poles, but at least then, it’s not obstructing any important signage. For the record, we have incredibly affordable rates on yard sale ads in the paper, and people pick up the Friday paper just for the yard sale listings. So, if you are having a yard sale, don’t stick it on a street sign where dozens of folks can see it, put it in the paper, where thousands of eyes will]

*** Trash truck with the handpainted sign is making the rounds again I see. Not only is it ugly it’s got to be a road hazzard!!!

[ Editor’s Note: I like how you spelled it “ Dukes of Hazzard” style, with the two z’s. Anyway, the statutes in question here are called “ Tarping Laws,” and “ covering” that ( see what I did there?) isArkansas State Highway and Transportation Department code 27- 35- 110: “ Spilling loads on highways prohibited, Covers required for loads of sand, gravel, and rock, and exceptions.” It states, “ No vehicle shall be driven or moved on any highway unless the vehicle is so constructed or loaded as to prevent any of its load from dropping, sifting, leaking, or otherwise escaping therefrom.” It then goes on to say, “ For a motor vehicle or a trailer with an open bed, no sand, gravel, or rock shall be transported on the paved public streets and highways of this state in a motor vehicle or trailer with an open bed, unless the open bed is securely covered with a material which will prevent the load from dropping, sifting, leaking, or otherwise escaping therefrom.” The code does not specifically say “ trash,” but I would venture to guess that it could be defined as a “ load” under that set of regulations.

No regulation against “ ugly” though]


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