As best you can…

As best you can…

‘Time in the Word’ By Clayton Adams

Recently I have been reading of medical breakthroughs and the many lives being changed through these breakthroughs. One was about a woman having a face transplant. The medical breakthroughs for this surgery are amazing and the surgeons and the nurses' skills and talents are extraordinary!

I have read articles and research on individuals making the change from female to male or male to female and personally know two people in such transitions. I have been also reading about the uses of medical marijuana, and the states that have legalized medicines to use by those who want to end their lives before they become incapacitated or are a “burden” to their families. These and other changes create many very complicated issues and questions that often overwhelm and at times leave us confused.

Many Christians simply turn away from and do not want to deal with such issues. However, when Christians give up their opportunity to participate in these social issues they become less effective and have less opportunities to share the grace, mercy and knowledge of Jesus. It is no wonder why our culture has more influence in our churches than our churches have influence in our culture. When Christians and churches stay silent or back away from these complicated issues we are in fact turning away from people and from Christ.

I believe the Bible speaks to every issue we face. The Bible provides a foundation and framework to live our lives no matter what the culture and technology allow or make possible.

True the Bible does not explicitly speak to or address each issue as clearly as we would like but the Bible does provide the foundation and framework to live our lives as points of light in a sin sick world. If the Bible was more detailed in explaining right versus wrong I doubt we would follow it. After all, when God said, “Don't eat the fruit…” humans ate the fruit. One cannot be any more specific than to say, “Don't.”

God revealed Himself to us through His Son, His Word and His Holy Spirit we need no more than what God has given us. My goal is to provide a biblical foundation and framework from which we can build our lives and effectively interact with our culture and communities as Christians, as best we can.

What I will not and cannot do is tell another individual what to do. I do take very seriously the warning from the apostle James in his letter as he states; “Let not many of you become teachers… knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment.” (James 3:1) This is a warning for every preacher, teacher, evangelist, missionary, deacon those who lead, those who teach will be held to a higher level of judgment.

I believe most Christians do not know how to connect the principles in the Bible with the issues facing our culture today and those issues to come. I have learned a very important principle during my teaching tenures, if students don't learn the way I teach, I must teach in the way they learn. I don't change what I teach I change how I teach. Jesus was the Master Teacher and He changed his style of teaching with the different audiences and used everyday items to teach godly principles and truths for people to understand. That is my goal, as best I can.

In 2015, the American Culture and Faith Institute released the results of their in depth survey among “Spiritually Active Christian Conservatives Regarding the Need for Churches to Teach What the Bible Says Concerning Today's Social and Political Issues.”

Simply stated, people, particularly Christians, want to know what the Bible says about Abortion, Religious persecution/liberty, Poverty, Cultural restoration, Sexual identity, and Israel and more. All are relevant topics today and the Bible has much to say about each of these and other topics either specifically or in principle and precept. The problem today is that in most American churches these topics are seldom if ever preached or taught.

A teacher can teach but if the student does not want to learn no matter how the teacher teaches the student wont learn. Are you willing to let God challenge your thinking and increase your knowledge of His Word? Will you choose to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ? Are you willing to learn as best you can?

I want to share what the Bible has to say concerning these very difficult issues and over the next few weeks perhaps we will develop greater knowledge of God's Word and be able to join in the conversations concerning these very difficult social issues.

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