‘ Do you remember what you told the police officer?’

‘ Do you remember what you told the police officer?’

Man with .30 blood- alcohol level has his day in court


A woman in jail on felony charges of aggravated assault against a police officer was asked where she lived.

“West Memphis.”

“Are you employed?”

“No, sir.”

“Who supports you?”

“I take care of my grandma.”

“Who pays you?”

Judge Fred Thorne

“I get half out of her check.”

“What time were you arrested?”

“I don’t know.”

“I was just wondering who was taking care of your grandma when you were out at night.”

“They arrested me at home. They tazed me.”

“See the public defender.”

A man with a felony charge was also asked where he lived.


“Why were you here?”

“I came to see a girl.”

“Are you employed in Memphis?”

“No, sir, not right now.

I’m going through some medical issues.”

“See the public defender.” A woman in jail had felony charges of possession of drugs and possession of firearms.

“Do you understand the charges?”


“Yep? Where do you live?”

“Here in West Memphis.”

“Who supports you?”

“I get SSI survivor benefits. The kids and me.”

“You are living off your children’s check. Is that what you are telling me?”

A man with felony charges of possession of meth or cocaine was asked, “Did you get arrested while hiding in the attic?”

“No, I was in the carport.”

“Are you working?”

“No, sir. I got hurt on the boat where I worked in 2012.”

“So how have you been living for the last six years?”


A woman with a charge of hindering the apprehension of a felon was asked if she understood the charges.

“Yes, I do.”

“Who were they trying to get?”

“My brother.”

“ Is he in jail now?”

“He is in another jail.”

“Where do you work?”

“I’m disabled.”

A man with a felony possession

of drug paraphernalia

and possession of firearm was asked, “Where do you live?”

“In a motel.”

“How long have you lived there?”

“Three months.”

“Are you working?”


“What do you do?”


“How much do yo make a week?”

“Not too much.”

“I asked you a simple question. I’ll equate your earnings at $5,000 a week and I’ll set your bond accordingly.”

“I make $400 a week.”

“Who do you support out of that money?”

“Just me.”

“See the public defender.”

A woman in jail charged with driving on suspended, no insurance and no tags pled not guilty to all charges.

“Do you have a trial pending?”


“When is your trial date?”

“Two weeks.”

“$6,000 bond on your current


A man in jail charged with loitering, and public intoxication pled no contest to those charges. To his charge of disorderly conduct he pled guilty.

“How long have you been drinking?”

The man started to tell the judge the time he started drinking and was interrupted.

“No, how many years.”

“Six, seven, eight, or nine years.”

“You need to add a zero behind those numbers. Your blood level was .30. People go into a coma after .20.

Do you remember what you told the police officer?”


“$500 plus court costs on the public intoxication. I’ll dismiss the loitering and the disorderly.”

A man in jail was charged with failure to pay his fines and failure to appear.

“He still had a public intoxication fine that he has not paid and a hearing the first week in October,” said the court clerk.

“Be here the 1st and bring $200 with you when you come to court.”

“I won’t have time to make any money between now and the 1st!”

“Be here the first of October, not September. That should give you plenty of time.”

Another man in jail was charged with two counts of failure to appear and one count of obstruction of justice.

He pled guilty to all


“Why didn’t you come to court?”

“I did and you gave me a fine.”

“No, sir that was not on this charge.”

His bond person said she had turned him in and he did not want to cooperate.

“$250 plus court costs on the obstruction of justice.

15 days on each count of failure to appear. That’s 30 days in jail.”

A woman in jail was charged with driving on suspended, obstruction of justice and no liability insurance.

She pled guilty to

both charges.

“Whose name is this that you gave?”

“My mother.”

“You told the police her name when they stopped you? How would it have been if you had gotten away and they went and arrested your mother?”

“I told them the truth at the end.”

“Can you think of anything more sorry than that?

Does she know you are in



“Why isn’t she here?”

“She doesn’t have any transportation. They towed our car.”

“ $395 plus court costs and two days jail on the driving on suspended. Court costs on the obstruction of justice and two days jail on the insurance.”

“How much is that?”

“A bunch.”

A man on his way in the courtroom was told by Judge Thorne, “get rid of that gum! You expect me to be respectful to you, you got to be respectful to me!” Three cases of illegal window tint came before the judge and in each case an officer went outside with them to see if the tint had been taken off.

“If the tint is off, your case will be dismissed. If not, bring them back into the courtroom for their fines.”

By the Evening Times News Staff