‘Flashlight Friday’ puts literacy in the spotlight at Bragg

‘Flashlight Friday’ puts literacy in the spotlight at Bragg

Students read by flashlightfor fun, focus

By Ralph Hardin

ralphhardin@ gmail.com “It was a dark and stormy night…”

Or maybe it wasn’t, but that never stopped youngsters with a love of reading from curling up in bed under the covers with a flashlight and poring over a dog-eared beloved paperback mystery or issue of Batman.

And now schools are taking that intimate experience and replicating it in the classrooom with “Flashlight Fridays” — the under-cover reading experience right there in the school room.

There are an infinite number of ways teachers are implementing “Flashlight Fridays,” but the key is that it creates an environment that fosters reading and gives students an opportunity to grow an interest in independent reading in a unique way.