Heth man killed in dispute over mobile home

Heth man killed in dispute over mobile home

Argument over ownership of property turns deadly

www.arkansasnews.com HETH — A disagreement over the purchase of a mobile home and surrounding property turned deadly over the holiday weekend, leaving one mand dead and another behind bars. The incident occurred in Heth, One man is in custody following the death of another man in Heth, an unincorporated area in St. Francis County, just west of the Crittenden County line.

According to reports from the St. Francis County Sheriff’s Department, Travis Pulliam, 45, of Heth was arrested on Sunday evening, and is currently in custody, being held without bond on firstdegree battery charges, though the sheriff's office says those charges are likely to be upgraded following further investigation.

In an official report, St.

Francis County deputies said Pulliam shot 52-yearold Donald Dishon late Sunday afternoon. St.

Francis County Deputy Coroner Miles Kimble confirms the victim was transported to a Memphis hospital where he later died. Dishon’s body has been sent to the Arkansas State Medical Examiner’s office for further study.

The dispute originally arose from the purchase of a mobile home and other property in 2017.

Dishon's wife, Charlotte Faulkner, said she and her husband paid Pulliam $25,000 in cash last year for the mobile home, the land and a truck, but the transaction has come into question due to some legal issues regarding the property and its status following an insurance claim.

Pulliam had recently regained possession of the mobile homefrom Dishon through court proceedings and a crew was cleaning it out when Dishon confronted the cleaning crew and forced them to leave.

This led to an altercation, during which, gunfire was exchanged. According to witness reports, Dishon was shot in the back as he ran away. As Dishon lay on the ground attempting to reload his weapon, Pulliam allegedly approached him and shot him several more times before running back to his truck to reload.

Witnesses who were inside the trailer say Dishon pulled up pointing a pistol in their direction.

Faulkner disputes those claims.

From the Arkansas News Bureau