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Text The Times.

How is it that Marion has a larger economic development than West Memphis.

According to Arkansas Business West Memphis budget is 142,388 vs. 89,858.

That is the chamber of commerce budget. [Editor’s Note: I haven’t seen those numbers blit I do know that the two cities operate differently in terms of economic development. Marion, for example, has a Chamber of Commerce that also basically doubles as the hub for economic development, while in West Memphis, the duties are split among the Chamber of Commerce, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Office of Economic Development, so perhaps whatever figures you are using are skewed using only one set of budget figures.

This seems like some kind of effort to draw comparissons between two cities that do business in entirely different ways for the sake of… well, I don’tknowreally] Great story in today’s paper about West Memphis crime numbers!!! Well said!! Thanks Ralph for exposing the scare tactics used only to sell more alarm systems. I’d like to see the number of people robbed from sites like safewise and many others. I believe Abraham Lincoln said it best as one website quotes him “don’t believe anything you read on the internet.” [Editor’s Note: While I enjoy a good list, especially one that ranks things according to specific criteria, like “Scariest Movies of All Time” or “Most Powerful Super-Heroes in the Marvel Universe” or “Best U.S. Presidents,' it’s always important to remember that whomever is compiling the list is doing so with some kind of agenda. Not necessarily an evil agenda (I mean “Top 20 Ice Cream Flavors” doesn’t really lend itself to malevolence), but to express their own opinions or the opinions of others through some sort of predetermined criteria. Unless it’s something concrete, like “20 Largest Islands on Earth, ” or “Best Selling Hip-HopAlbumsEver”orsome- thing, there’s some kind of opinion or subjectivity involved. And I’m pretty sure Honest Abe would back me up onthat] You know I have figured out that if Obama had wore a make America great again they couldn’t have enough hats. But since Trump wore it it is the racist. Well here it is. I have a rule not to my hands anyone so I deserve the same respect if I wear that cap DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS ON ME. If you do will be worse mistake of your life. I live my life minding my own business. [Editor’s Note: I don’t think a hat can be racist.

It’s what’s inside the head that wears the hat that makes it racist. I don’t think I've heard the MAG A hats being called “racist” though. I mean, I know that there are certain aspects of the Trump administration that have an antiminority undercurrent to them, so I suppose you could connect a few dots to say the entire MAGA movement has some “racist” connotations, but that’s a matter ofinterpretation. You can make anything racial if you really want toand trust me, there are plenty’ of people that really want to!

But either way, no, no one has the light to yank your MAGA (or Ra:orbacks or Duck’s Unlimited or whatever) hat off of your head simply because they don’t support the message on the hat. Incidentally, there were pro-Obama “Hope and Change” hats around in 2008, so the MAGA hats aren’t what I would call a new concept.

For the record, my favorite hat is one my father-in-law owns.

It’s hunter orange and it says “Frayser Radiator RepairBest Place in Town to Take a Leak!”] Nothing about the fight at West Memphis Christian?

[Editor’s Note: School fights aren’t really what I would call “newspaper” news. I don’t know what the private school fight policy is, but in public schools, you get arrested and taken to jail and there’s a mandatory 10-day suspension.

Butno,not“newspaper” news, as kids get into fights.

It’s just something that happens. And since it involves juveniles, we wouldn’t run their names anyway, so a schoolyard tussle would literally be “two kids, whose names we’re not releasing, got into a fight. It was broken up and consequences were handed out accordingly.” In that sort of thing, the people who were involved already know what happened, and the people who were not involved don’t really have a vested interest in the details. Now, I know we’re all interested in school safety, so if this fight you reference or any other oncampus fight is related to a larger issue or an individual who needs specialized care, I would hope steps would be taken, but putting that sort of information in the newspaper isn’tdoinganyoneanygood] I guess the times really are changing. I don’t know how I feel about only getting three newspapers a week. What is the process for getting the paper online? [EditorsNote: I assure you that were it economically feasible, we would continue our fh ’e-days-a- week print schedule, but our readership and advertising base for our print edition has dropped, just like virtually eve/y newspaper around. While that has happened, our online readership has grown and our interaction with people on social media has increased, making it obvious that we would need to change our approach to this business. I know not everyone is interested in reading an online newspaper and I know not everyone has access to the internet, so we are opting, unfortunately, to alienate some of our readers, but not making changes puts our success at greater risk than trying to do the same things the same way and ignoring the obvious problems that go with that approach. Our hope is that maintaining a three-day print edition and expanding our online efforts we can meet the needs of as many of our ?-eaders aspossible]

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