Check your local paper!

Check your local paper!

New print schedule begins Monday

Times Editor Beginning Monday, the Times will begin a new print schedule, with a three-times-per-week home delivery and newsstand print edition. We will continue to strive to bring our Times' readers the best local and regional news coverage through our print and online offerings Subscribers and those who visit the local news racks can look for new editions of the Times delivered to your home or in the news racks with an “Early Week” edition on Mondays, a “Mid-week” edition on Wednesdays, and “weekend” edition on Fridays.

Along with the changes to our print schedule, our office hours will be changing. The Crittenden Publishing offices will be Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Change is always hard, and not always popular, but ultimately, we hope these changes will help guarantee our long-term survival and still meet or exceed our readers’ and advertisers’ expectations as we move forward.

If you’re looking for news between print editions, we will continue to produce an online edition on Tuesdays and Thursdays and update the community on social media through Facebook, where the Times already has more than 5,000 followers. We invite you to check us out at www.theeveningtimes. com and on Facebook if you’re not already a part of our online family.

The Times invites longtime readers and new subscribers to be a part of bringing your hometown newspaper into the modern era. Read us off the rack or delivered to your home, and catch breaking news online with our eedition, at m.

And we want to hear from you. The new schedule also comes with new opportunity to listen to our readers and do what we can to bring you what you want to read. Subscribe today at (870) 735-1010, and bear with us as we begin this new and hopefully exciting chapter of life here in Crittenden County.

By Ralph Hardin