Hughes/Horseshoe Lake News

Hughes/Horseshoe Lake News

Youth Garden

The Horseshoe Lake Youth Garden Group, sponsored by the Hughes Town & Country Garden Club, did well with their entries. This year, the theme was “Sportmans Delight.”

In Division III, Special Exhibits “First Hunt” was the title for Youth Groups Youth Horticulture, only Advanced (Age 13-18) had entries. All the youths used flowers from their garden at the Library and some also used things that were grown in their own yard.

The judges were so impressed they subdivided the classes. Section A“Take Aim” Class 3a – Celosia 1st Place and Youth Award Ribbon went to Mitchell Ramsey, 2nd Place – Frances Harness, 3rd Place – Kathryn Harness and 4th Place – Josiah Siders. Class 3b – Vinca – 1st Place – Josiah Siders, 2nd Place – Mitchell Ramsey, 3rd Place – Frances Harness and 4th Place- Kathryn Harness. Class 3c – Zinnia – 1st Place – Kathryn Harness, 2nd Place – Mitchell Ramsey, 3rd Place – Josiah Siders and 4th Place – Frances Harness.

Section B “Take in Sight” Class 6a Black Eyed Susan – 1st & Youth Award Ribbon went to Kathryn Harness and 2nd Place – Frances Harness. Class 6b – 1st place for Sage – Kathryn Harness and 2nd Place for Weigela – Frances Harness. Class 6c Butterfly Bush – 1st Place – Frances Harness and 2nd Place – Kathryn Harness. Class 6d – Stick Verbena – 1st Place – Mitchell Ramsey, 2nd Place – Josiah Siders, 3rd Place – Frances Harness and 4th Place – Kathryn Harness.

Section C “Shoot” Class 9a Nandina – 1st Place and Youth Award ribbon – Frances Harness and 4th Place – Kathryn Harness. Class 9b – Monkey Grass – 2nd Place – Kathryn Harness and 3rd Place – Frances Harness. Class 9c – Marigold – 1st Place – Frances Harness and 2nd Place – Kathryn Harness.



The September Year-Round Bunco hostess was Christa Deiss. She served Ribs, Twice Baked Potatoes, Special salad (served at her parents’ restaurant) Homemade bread and mini cheesecake topped with cherries and chocolate. Stephanie Bruister-Shelby won high score. Low score went to Jayla White subbing for Kathy Davenport. Donna Culver won most big buncos and Pam Chamness had travelers at the end of the night.



Our prayers and thoughts go out to family and friends of Virginia Carpenter of Horseshoe Lake. She passed away on Monday, Aug. 27. Virginia was a member of the Hughes Town & Country Garden Club and was active with the Hughes United Methodist Church.


Hughes United Methodist Church Acknowledgments

Aug. 31st – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Cody Roberts, Charles Lee Warren and Wallace Gerrit Brown. In Memory: Mrs. Gladys Ashworth and Walter L. Meals, Jr.

Sept. 1st – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Richard Cupples, Philip West, Dr. Grady Collum and Mika Hyman.

Sept. 2nd – In Memory: Wayne Bartoush, Sr. (2004).

Sept. 3rd – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Jennifer Latham, Helen Mooney, Misty May, Cliff Wise and Madilyn Campbell. Happy Anniversary to: Ed & Allie Clarke. In Memory – Paul E. Altman, Harry Crawford and Bruce Carpenter.

Sept. 4th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Maci Grace Barrett. In Memory: Danny Tate and Alberta Towery Tenison (2006).

Sept. 5th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Craig Parker, Art Lindsay, Theresa Latham, J. J. Owens and Emmett Rushing. In Memory: Michael W. Latham.

Sept. 6th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Sarah Marrs Wright, Jamie Rene Gore, John Bain, Barbara D. Jordan, Bob Pouncey, Jessie Pearson, John “Butch” Parker, Chad Rash, Laurie L. Yarbrough, Dakota D. Prestage and Debrah Dorrough. Happy Anniversary to: Ed & Mary Beth Clarke.

Sept. 7th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: J. Dalton Smith and Hank Davis. In Memory: Jessie Owens.

Sept. 8th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Bonnie Sykes Taylor, Haley Davis York, Audrey E. Taylor, Herb Hyman and Bert Robinson.

Sept. 9th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Haley Beth Barnes, Rosie Amaya O’Bryant, Wanda Dillahunty, Larry Cox and Justin Mallett. In Memory: Jack W. Pittman and W. B. Bonds.

Sept. 10th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Teresa Shannon, Joni Washburn Pierce and Steven Davis Hipson.

Sept. 11th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Nora E. Hornbeak, Kayla Coats Hill, Mary Elizabeth McCollum, Laurie Anne Blankenship and Alex McClanahan. In Memory: Mary Lee West and Laura Dodd.

Sept. 12th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Holly Bacon.

Sept. 13th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Peyton Ashton Wise and Lindsay Reinold. Happy Anniversary to: Scott & Megan Clayton.


Calendar of Events Sept. 9th

Mass, 7:30 a.m., St. Mary’s of the Lake Catholic Church.

Sunday School, 9:45 a.m., Worship Service, 11 a.m., Horseshoe Lake Baptist Church.

Worship Service, 11 a.m., Hughes United Methodist Church.

Sept. 10th

Rosh Hashanah!

Hughes Rotary Club meets, 6 p.m.

Horseshoe Lake Town meeting, 6 p.m., City Hall on Highland Drive.

Hughes Town Meeting, 7 p.m., Community Center.

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Sept. 11th

Yoga class, 8 a.m., Surf Club Building.

Crittenden County Master Gardener Meeting, 1 p.m., County Extension Office, Marion.

Sept. 12th

Bible Study, 6 p.m., Horseshoe Lake Baptist Church.

Sept. 13th

Zumba class, 8 a.m., Surf Club Building.

Hughes Fire Dept. meets, 7 p.m., Fire Station on Blackwood.

Sept. 14.

Zumba class, 8:30 a.m., Surf Club Building.

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By Holly Bacon