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Text The Times.

This country needs Jesus.

[ Editor’s Note: The way the world is today, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jesus returned, took a quick look around and just slowly backed away back onto his cloud and went back to Heaven]

*** I wish parents would teach their children to apologize when they wrong another person instead of getting angry, lies & not care to admit their fault especially when a Christian is forgiving & just trying to correct something done wrong to them & not trying to fall out with anyone because we wall makes mistakes of some kind in our life

[ Editor’s Note: It’s a good idea to be sure. However, I think we might be a couple of generations too late with this idea, because taking personal responsibility, admitting mistakes, and offering and seeking forgiveness, all seem to be falling out of favor in society. Not just with children, but also adults ( and adults who act like children), and it’s not a new concept. But we’ve traded away these actions in favor of playing the the blame game, being offended by everything and being all too quick to point the finger at someone else. But, like they taught me in Sunday school, “ when you point your finger, the other three are pointing right back at you.”]

*** How can some people who claim to be Christians support a lecherous, foul man like Donald Trump? Hyporcite much? [ Editor’s Note: “ Politics makes strange bedfellows.” That’s derived from a Shakespearian quote and it’s certainly true. And while Trump has certainly never claimed to be a saint, the “ saints” were quick to back him because he seemed to be the most electable candidate that shared in some of their values. It’s very similar to when in the 1990s, many people criticized Bill Clinton’s moral fiber ( or lack thereof) but were still staunch supporters of his administration due to the major success of his economic policies and the general “ era of good feel-ings” the nation was experiencing at the time. History has shown over and over that you don’t have to be a “ good man” to be a “ good president” — and I guess only time will tell if Trump can be the latter, because he’s clearly not the former]

*** Mr. Editor. You really should make your response a little shorter Your answers are so long I lose interest. Remember: less is more [ Editor’s Note: Nah]


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