Whining justices wasting time with election feud

Whining justices wasting time with election feud

Ralph, let’s do a little sparring this week on a local irritation of mine and that is, let me use a kinder and gentler term, the low level of intelligence we’re dealing with regarding those individuals voters elected to represent us in Crittenden County.

Let me give you the latest dog and pony show put on by a couple of what I describe as “low-knowledged” Quorum Court members who are on a deliberate witch hunt against the Crittenden County Election Commission. Let me put it in a more blunt and honest way by saying this is all about a bunch of whining registered Democrats angry that the Crittenden County Election Commission is being run by registered Republicans. And to be frankly honest Ralph it has become a race issue between black Quorum Court members and the white-controlled election commission, plain and simple. There is a very apparent effort to fabricate the actual facts to make it look like members of the Election Commission are attempting to deprive black voters of their right to cast a ballot.

Here is a summary of some of the events that went on during the recent Quorum Court meeting in which Justice Vickie Robertson and Stacy Allen deliberately badgered commission members as to why certain polling sites were closed or moved.

This pompous Robertson made it clear that it would be beneath her to respond in writing to the commission and said it is expected that when commission members are summoned to a Quorum Court meeting that they appear. I was amused when these two agitators needled commissioners over this moving the polling site from Wonder Junior High to Pilgrim’s Rest Church when they had already been given a solid response during a previous Quorum Court meeting. It had already been made clear by Commissioner Frank Barton that the location was moved to a church because the site had been at Wedlock school which has since been closed. I would think that Robertson would have been on the ball enough to have known that the school had been closed.

Oh, and then we have this other nincompoop of an elected representative of the three ring circus making a fool out of himself by accusing the Election Commission of violating the law because it was not a unanimous vote to close the polling sites.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I read that Commission Chairwoman Dixie Carlson pointblank told Allen he didn’t know what he was talking about and explained that it takes a unanimous vote of those present which was the case based on the official minutes of the meeting.

Allen’s only response to being corrected was, “I’m done with it.”

I would have thought with all the erroneous accusations and false facts that this badgering would have ended but no, not at all Ralph. Justice Kenneth Cross chiming in and accused the commission of not holding public hearings in the affected areas to announce they were considering closing polling sites.

Cross said it was the law to hold a public meeting 30 days prior to the election before they can vote to close a polling site. Once again Ralph, pure ignorance made Cross look foolish when Carlson explained all commission meetings are public and wanted to know just what part of the law did he read “in those areas,” a question Cross simply couldn’t answer.

Listen Ralph, there is no justification whatsoever for these Quorum Court meetings to be used for such political purposes especially when those politicians involved don’t have a clue as to what the heck they are talking about.

I would hope that Judge Woody Wheeless would put a stop to this political showboating because all this does is make Crittenden County appear that it is being run by a bunch of uneducated, uninformed and biased politicians, which I would think we want to keep secret.

By Michael Coulter