Bullying a problem in many Arkansas schools, says report

Bullying a problem in many Arkansas schools, says report

Study puts state in top ten for bullying- related issues on campus

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With back-to-school season upon us and 19 percent of high school students reporting being bullied on school property, the personal- finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2018’s “States with the Biggest Bullying Problems” as well as accompanying data.

To identify the states where bullying is most pervasive, WalletHub’s analysts compared 47 states and the District of Columbia across 20 key metrics, ranging from “bullying-incident rate” to “truancy costs for schools” to “share of high school students bullied online.”

Bullying Prevalence & Prevention in Arkansas

(1=Biggest, 24=Avg.):

• 1st – Percentage of High School Students Bullied on School Property

• 4th – Percentage of High School Students Bullied Online

• 9th – Percentage of High School Students Involved in Physical Fight at School

• 5th – Percentage of High School Students Who Missed School for Fear of Being Bullied

• 1st – Percentage of High School Students Who Attempted Suicide

• 29th – Cost of Truancy for Schools Due to Bullying

• 15th – Student-to-Counselor Ratio

• 1st – State Anti-Bullying Laws & Policies

• 2nd – State Anti-Cyberbullying Laws Requiring School Policy The relationship between bullying and suicide is complex. Many media reports oversimplify this relationship, insinuating or directly stating that bullying can cause suicide. The facts tell a different story.

In particular, it is not accurate and potentially dangerous to present bullying as the “cause” or “reason” for a suicide, or to suggest that suicide is a natural response to bullying. We recommend media not use the word 'bully-cide.'

Research indicates that persistent bullying can lead to or worsen feelings of isolation, rejection, exclusion, and despair, as well as depression and anxiety, which can contribute to suicidal behavior.

The vast majority of young people who are bullied do not become suicidal.

Most young people who die by suicide have multiple risk factors.

Some youth, such as LGBTQ youth, are at increased risk for suicide attempts even when bullying is not a factor.

There is no federal antibullying law. Although 49 states have anti-bullying legislation, bullying is not illegal.

For the full report, please visit: https://wallethub.com/edu/b est-worst-states-at-controlling- bullying/9920/.

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