Fatal WM motorcycle wreck stirs discussion

Fatal WM motorcycle wreck stirs discussion

Social media circles send thoughts and prayers to family

“There was real bad wreck today on Shoppingway in front of the Social Security office,” posted Lisa Hart. “A young man was killed on his motorcycle. He did not have a helmet on his head. Please can we all keep this young man family’s in our prayers and thoughts? Thank you.”

Hart posted the message on a Facebook page “You know you are from West Memphis when…” Folks usually use the page to post funny stories and pictures that come with the unique experience that is living in or being from West Memphis, but she took the opportunity Monday evening to use the page for a more serious matter.

Within minutes, the post generated a number of views, most with an offer of prayers. Eventually, the news came in that the man killed was Roger Jones of West Memphis.

“He has a wife and two small little girls and a son,” noted Tina Feathers. “They need all the prayers they can get. Prayers for all.”

His sister confirmed the news.

“It was my brother and he didn’t make it,” Christy Jones confirmed.

“Deepest sympathy with prayers for you and your family in such a heartbreaking and difficult time,” wrote Melba Early.

Michael Stark Sr. shared a memory and offered condolences.

“Christy Jones, I'm so sorry to hear about this,” he wrote. “I just saw and talked to Roger just a couple of days ago at Flash Market. He has been coming in the store about once a week. Every time he came in he always had to give me some kind of hell. Then you know how he is, he wouldn't shut up. Talk, talk and keep talking all the way to his car. The last time he was there he was on that bike, had me to come out side and see it. I'm sorry for your loss, I'm truly going to miss him. RIP my Carine brother. Run the rides in the clouds.”

Solomon Boston posted a picture of the crash on his Facebook page with the caption “Scene on Shoppingway Blvd.” It shows the carnage, with the motorcycle pinned underneath the front passenger’s side tire of a Ford pick-up truck.

Boston’s photo was posted before the fate of the rider was known. Many who were also at the scene chimed in.

“I saw the motorcycle driver lying on the street and it did not look like he was moving,” replied Butch Cordell. “Hoping it was only minor injuries. I almost got sick at my stomach seeing him lying on the street.”

“I work across the street from there and the ambulance took off like a bullet,” posted Kenya Reed. “Praying for the rider.”

Lauren Deering also made a very good point.

“But the question we aren’t asking is how is the driver?” she said. “He still has to go home and comprehend this and no one is asking how he is handling things. I’m praying for both families involved.”