Rehab work begins on lake at Marion Sports Complex

Rehab work begins on lake at Marion Sports Complex

Crews shore up the shore to repair erosion

By Mark Randall

news@ theeveningtimes .com Work to fix the shore erosion at the lake at the Marion sports complex will begin this week and is expected to take about 60 days to complete.

The City Council gave the go ahead to Bond Engineering to put the project out to bid. The lake will be closed until further notice as workers start draining the pond.

“We’re going to have to drain the lake and let it dry,” said Parks and Recreation Director Andy Rawls.

The lake, which was built in 1997, has been steadily eroding due to waves battering the shores from the wind.

Rawls said the entire west side of the lake has basically eroded and has gotten worse over the years. Six to ten feet of embankment has been lost in some areas.

The city included plans to restore the shoreline as part of a $17.3 million bond issue which voters passed last year. About $1,075 million was dedicated for park improvements.

The project to restore the pond is expected to cost about $265,000.

Rawls said once they drain the pond, workers will then re-slope the embankments then lay protective rock to help prevent against new erosion.

“We’re going to have to reclaim the soil around the edges,” Rawls said.

“Basically, we’re going to have to pull what’s fallen off back up to the lake and re-shape it. Then we’ll put down a protective film and put rock on top of that to keep it from happening again.”

Workers will also have to remove sections of the concrete walking trail around the lake. The trail is about eight-tenths of a mile long.

“It’s not just the lake we have to deal with,” Rawls said. “We have to take out some sidewalks. So we’ll have some concrete work to do.”

Rawls said he hopes to have the project complete in about 60 days.

“Weather permitting,” Rawls said. “There’s no guarantees. It’s going to be a process.”

The lake will be closed until further notice while construction is going on.

Marion is set to begin work to rehab the perimeter of the fishing pond at the Marion Athletic Complex. Shore erosion has caused the area around the lake to collapse is several areas.

Photo by John Rech