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Text The Times.

We went to the only furniture store in town the other day and literally watched one poor woman who works there take care of three sets of customers while the owners SON sat at his computer and never looked up! Needless to say we left, that lady was working hard enough and we didn’t need to put anymore work on her.

[ Editor’s Note: I can’t tell if you’re trying to play my game by not naming names or if you’re trying to get me to play your game by not realizing that I can name five furniture stores in this community off the top of my head. But in any event, I never understand the purpose of these kinds of texts. If you were displeased with the level of service you received somewhere I have always and will always continue to offer two suggestions… 1) take the time to speak to the owner/ manager and explain your problem. Most of the time ( but not always) they will appreciate the fact that you took the time to do so, because most disgruntled customers don’t and it doesn’t give the owner/ manager an opportunity to address the problem. Or 2) don’t do business with that establishment. The second suggestion is primarily if you just would rather not engage in a confrontation but it will do the least amount of good. I will also add, as I always do it these types of responses, that there are always two sides to every story, so maybe there’s more going on here ( and maybe there’s not)]

*** I am joining the No-Paper Delivered Club–too bad, I don’t want to be a member. I saw it being delivered in my subdivision 2 hours ago, but the carrier didn’t leave one for me. How can they throw it correctly on a holiday and totally miss me the next day? I called circulation and left a name and number. Guess they already went home cause they didn’t return my call. [ Editor’s Note: I cringe every time I get one of these types of text messages. I honestly don’t know why some of our subscribers get skipped. I’m not out on the route, so I don’t really know the “ system” but I do apologize. I will pass this information on to the circulation department, which of course, doesn’t help you with your missed paper, but I hope it will not happen again]

*** Just read the (Times are changing) does that mean I won’t be getting a paper at home 5 days a week since it will be a 3 day print?

[ Editor’s Note: If you are a subsrciber, you will get a paper delivered to your home on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday, we will still have an online “ eedition” you can read at www. theeveningtimes. com or on the Evening Times app on your phone. If you are a paid- in- advance subscriber, you already get access to the e- edition included in your subscription. You just have to create an account on the web site]

*** Maybe the quorum court and the election commission should just resign and let the adults get the job done. [ Editor’s Note: It just makes be shake my head. There are plenty of truly important issues both bodies could be ( and should be) working on instead of this completely pointless feud over non- issues. And by “ non- issues” I don’ mean to say equal opportunity voting and fairness aren’t important, I mean that there was clearly no violation of voting regulations and now it’s just become a battle over feelings and opinions, which are completely irrelevant]

*** Maybe the police or highway people or you could answer this question. Is there a number that you can call while in your car that alerts whoever about dangerous trash in the road? I’m mainly talking about the freeway where people are going fast and may have a hard time avoiding it. The last few times in Memphis I have come close to hitting a metal ladder and what looked like a bicycle. I did hit a 4×4 piece of wood but fortunately on the edge. I am concerned about the people behind me who may not avoid it and have a wreck. As you know you can’t always move over. Thanks for the information.

[ Editor’s Note: The Tennessee Department of Transportation has the HELP Program for such instances. You can call the Memphis ( 901) 545- 2677 or Shelby County ( 901) 4951180, or simply dial 2- 1- 1 from your cell phone to get a live operator who can direct your call. If you’re on this side of the River, you can contact the Arkansas Department of Transportation toll- free at ( 800) 245- 1672 to report any hazardous road conditions. Hope that helps]

*** Correct me if i am wrong. starting monday, i will lose 2 crosswords and 2 crypto ou i p per week, will my rate go way down? [ Editor’s Note: As previously explained, if you are a subscriber, any remaining time on your five- papers- perweek subscription will be extended based on a threepapers- per- week pro- rated time frame ( basically, extended by 40 percent). I know I keep harping on this, but you can still get those features online. I also want to add, since we’re talking about this, that we are still making tweaks here and there to our new format, so look for continuing attempts to get you, the customer, the most news and features we can at the best value possible]


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