I don’t know, sir… my Mom is a pretty smart lady

I don’t know, sir… my Mom is a pretty smart lady

Look, Michael, no one is trying to take away your guns. I will agree with you that it is important to keep schools safe. I will agree with you that the idea of the best thing for stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, but I’m just never going to get behind the idea that the solution to guns in schools is more guns in schools.

When you look at something like the West Memphis School District and the West Memphis Police Department have done (with a generous donation from Southland Park) in putting up SkyCop cameras at every school, that’s something concrete that you can look at and know that there are concerns and those concerns are being addressed. Will a camera stop an armed gunman? No, but it does send a message that if you come on campus with a gun, you need to smile because you are on camera.

You clearly don’t think much of this Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America crowd. I’m honestly completely unfamiliar with them, but I can glean from their very descriptive name what they’re all about. And frankly, I’m probably not going to be able to get with them on their agenda. The extremes are what ruin the opportunity to get real, effective plans and programs into our schools and into our society. “Gun Sense in America” sounds cool, but their idea of “Gun Sense” and the NRA’s definition of “Gun Sense” are going to be different things.

Now, I will say this, Michael… don’t dismiss them because they’re “just moms,” because it doesn’t take a criminal justice expert to see there’s a real gun problem in America. Some pretty smart ladies are “just moms” and they’re sick of worrying about sending their kids off to school not knowing if they’ll be coming home in the afternoon.

But if you’re depending on the “experts” to handle this situation, what exactly would be the problem with temporarily confiscating the firearms of an individual deemed an extreme risk by two trained law enforcement officers? That seems like a great idea.

The lack of real “red-flag” laws is what kept guns in the hands of at least two recent mass shooters. The police were aware of the troubled individuals, but there’s no law against being a “troubled individual” with a gun.

Also, Michael, you call a proposal to raise the minimum age to buy a semi-automatic rifle “an asinine proposal” on the grounds that a teenager can still buy a hand-gun? I have a counter-proposal… How about we raise the minimum age on that too? How about we keep the buying and selling of guns completely legal, but we make it so that you meet a number of benchmarks before buying a firearm? I will never see a persuasive argument against that. There are no “gun emergencies” where you could reasonably walk into a gun dealer with an “immediate need” for a gun. I guess, maybe if a really slow thief were trying to get into your house, you could get one of those Amazon drones to get you a gun delivered to your home in an hour or so. It might be hard to get it with the burglar waiting outside. Maybe you could 3-D print one? That’s a thing now, right?

Sorry, but I’d much rather cause a hassle for a lawabiding citizen trying to get a gun than to offer a mentally unstable guy the convenience of on-demand gun buying.

I guess what I’m saying is that to expect these “Moms” are just not willing to continue to sit back and wait for a solution to the school shooting issue present itself. They’re taking it upon themselves, right or wrong, to get something done to try to protect their children. And I don’t blame them.

That’s what my Mom would do.

By Ralph Hardin