Hughes/Horseshoe Lake News

Hughes/Horseshoe Lake News

Town Meeting

Report from Water Operator, Rick Scarbrough was water samples were good and no problems with the sewer for September. Report sent by Fire Chief Billy Thomen was tree climbs had been trimmed to allow fire truck clearance through the streets, the parking lot at City Hall/Park should be finished next week and still on schedule for playground equipment to be installed by the end of November or first of December. Report from Code Enforcement, Vince McDermott was permits had been issued, however one had been overlooked and will be rectified. Council agreed to appoint Carol Adams as town recorder/treasurer for the remainder of the year and to add her to the bank accounts. There was discussion on the need for a new vacuum cleaner and replacing lock on door, for City Hall. Candidates running for elected positions were allowed to speak.


Hughes United Methodist Church Acknowledgments

Oct. 5th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Jacob Everhart, Lee Vanderford, Melinda Patrick, Brian Mattox, Brooke Bentley Burris, Chamblee Bentley Witherspoon and Dixon Person. In Memory: Robert Karow and Bruce Hopper.

Oct. 6th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Trina Scarbrough and Debi C. Beasley. Happy Anniversary to: Jennifer & Drew Latham. In Memory: Guy Arnold.

Oct. 7th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: John Bentley, Ralph Franklin Taylor, Michell Coats and Natalie Karow.

Oct. 8th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Mary Kathryn Waldrop, John Lunsford, Tyler Meurrier, Terry Taylor, Danny Smith, Joe Womble, Walker Allison, Henry Jordan, Jr. and Courtney Sherman. Happy Anniversary to: Erica & Jimmy Collins.

Oct. 9th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Timmy Goacher and Sherry Cromeans.

Oct. 10th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Ben Grafton. Happy Anniversary to: Chad & Leann Rash.

Oct. 11th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Coulter Coats, Bill Fritz and Lee Machen.


Calendar of Events Oct. 6th

Northeast District Meeting at the home of Teresa Shannon

Oct. 7th

Mass, 7:30 a.m., St. Mary’s of the Lake Catholic Church.

Sunday School, 9:45 a.m., Worship Service, 11 a.m., Horseshoe Lake Baptist Church.

Worship Service, 11 a.m., Hughes United Methodist Church.

Oct. 8th

Columbus Day!

Hughes Rotary Club meets, 6 p.m.

Hughes Town meeting, 7 p.m., Community Center.

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Oct. 9th

Yoga class, 8 a.m., Surf Club Building.

Crittenden County Master Gardener meeting, 6 p.m., County Extension Office, Marion.

Oct. 10th

Bible Study, 6 p.m., Horseshoe Lake Baptist Church.

Oct. 11th

Zumba class, 8 a.m., Surf Club Building.

Hughes Fire Dept. meets, 7 p.m., Fire Station on Blackwood.

Oct. 12th

Zumba class, 8:30 a.m., Surf Club Building.

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Oct. 16th

The deadline for accepting online tax payments has been extended to 11:59 p.m. Oct 16. No penalty will be assessed for online payments made before the new deadline.

By Holly Bacon