Hughes/Horseshoe Lake News

Hughes/Horseshoe Lake News


On October 28th the Horseshoe Lake Baptist Church planted a white crapemyrtle in memory of Mrs. Deanie Kee on the hill. Mrs. Kee passed away at the age of 81 on October 21st.


Fall Festival

The winners awarded trophies for the Surf Club 1st Annual Fall Fest & Rib Cook off are as follows: Dessert – 1st place went to Classic Car Cookers for Mini-Strawberry Cheesecake Taco, despite the discrepancy in scoring, Country Redneck Cookers took 2nd place trophy for Stuffed Strawberries. In the Anything Butt category – 1st Place went to Divine Swine & Bovine for Steak & Lobster and 2nd Place to Classic Car Cookers for Rooster/Chicken Wraps.

In the Ribs division 1st Place went to Divine Swine & Bovine with Kevin Baker and team getting second place trophy.


Church News

St. Mary’s of the Lake Catholic Church will resume their winter Mass hours, effective Saturday, November 10th at 5:00 p.m.



Our prayers and thoughts go out to family and friends of Quincy Cody who passed away on October 13th. His visitation was held on October 27th.

Also included is Susie Hill of Hughes, who lost her son Geryl D. Hill on October 13th. Visitation was on October 26th with Funeral Services on October27th.


Hughes United Methodist Church Acknowledgments

Nov. 2nd – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Frances Ann Lane, Donothan Hartness, Haylee Wilkins and Logan Carter Burch.

Happy Anniversary to: Timothy & Shae Stackhouse.

Nov. 3rd – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Ray Hugueley, Danna Dodd Gardner, Chris Wise and Charles Collum.

Nov. 4th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Madelyn Cooper and Judy Cox.

Nov. 5th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Will Skipper and Kyle Olivia Clarke.

Nov. 6th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Benton Brooks Gardner, Dustin Partain, Denise B. Allison, Jules Pinero, Ben Landers and Tommy Dunaway. Happy Anniversary to: Melvin & Kayla Hill. In Memory: Clary Lunsford.

Nov. 7th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Sandi West, Mary Alice Jordan, Richard L. Shannon, Delma “Butch” Murray, Benjamin Latham and Darrellann Wise.

Nov. 8th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: John (J.D.) Funderburg.

By Holly Bacon