Suppressed Voters vs Voter Suppression

Suppressed Voters vs Voter Suppression

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Suppression is defined as a forceful prevention, putting down by power or authority. Suppression can happen to anyone that is placed in a position to be dependent upon people to ensure voting locations are accessible, sufficient voting machines are available, and voters that have been purged from the roll can be reinstated same day of registering to vote.

We must understand that voter suppression has three effects; the first is to stop people from voting, the second is to scare people out of voting, and the third is the people who have the ability to vote yet don't take advantage of it. Some don't register to vote, or wait in the long lines, they also do not contact lawmakers about voting challenges.

Voting gives citizens, a wide range of powers to control the processes taking place in their country. It is considered to be the foundation of the political system that makes people feel responsible and involves them in important social and political decision-making processes. Voting provides an opportunity to shape policies regarding education, taxation, medical care, social support, civil rights, and economic development.

By voting, people make their voice heard and can express their fears, concerns, needs, and aspirations on all levels. However, an increasing number of people have become disillusioned in their ability to affect anything; thus, they refuse to participate in elections.

We cannot continue to blame each other for suppression obstacles. Suppression exists with issues such as moving voting locations to inaccessibility of locations, insufficient number of machines in heavily populated areas, electronic voting machines changing votes, voter rolls being purged, difficulties for ex-felons to regain their voting rights and issues with voters experiencing updating their address, there should be a universal blame of these practices.

Anyone who supports them or chooses to ignore them is supporting the suppression movement. If you want your nation, state, region, city, to change or continue to be great, voters cannot become suppressed but continue to vote, issues can be resolved but we must resolve them together. Because of today's voters another chance at making a difference is possible.

What is far more dangerous to the integrity of American elections is the persistent efforts of lawmakers to disenfranchise large numbers of minority voters, rather than to work to win their votes with a party platform that treats them with respect.

Suppressing the suppressors such as the lawmakers should be the focus in today's time because it will enable us to give a voice to the voiceless, challenges the powerful and hold them accountable. Voting-like freedom of speech-is a constitutional right in America that allows you to make your voice heard. In many countries, voting is not a right and citizens have little or no choice in who is elected to lead their country.

So, why not engage in this American activity if you are allowed and encouraged to? Your vote just may change the world for the better. People do not realize that their vote matters, and that when they fail to express their position, they have no right to complain. Some think that only presidential elections matter and do not vote on the state or local levels. This way of thinking is a suppression within itself because many decisions taken by the local authorities affect people's lives much more than federal policies. Therefore, reluctance to participate in elections robs citizens of the opportunity to initiate positive changes. Voting also helps people express their dissatisfaction with the current policies, urging elected officials to listen and respect their opinion. Unfortunately, many people prefer to complain or suffer silently without taking any steps to change the situation. Naturally, this approach will not lead to any improvements but only encourage stagnation, and give more freedom to politicians to pursue their own interests. Being suppressed to some is a choice but to those who are voting in all elections yet still facing challenges; they are the true suppressed voters.

What will it take for American's to realize it is vital to use one's right to vote? A person may be dissatisfied with the current policies or political decisions, but this disappointment should not serve as a barrier to civic engagement. Evidence shows that millions of Americans prefer not to vote because they do not feel empowered to make any changes in society. This position is dangerous however, because it gives too much power to politicians and prevents different population groups from making their voices heard. Although it may seem that one vote does not count, the contribution of every person matters, and every vote counts.

Sherry Holliman is a concerned citizen of Crittenden County and has some views on a variety of topics that she wants to share with her neighbors.

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