Earle condemns five properties

Earle condemns five properties

City will raze dilapidated structures, eyes junk vehicles

news@theeveningtimes.com Earle City Council has condemned five dilapidated properties and plans to make a renewed push to get the owner of one property to remove several large and inoperable trucks which they have already cited several times.

Building Inspector Bobby Luckett presented the City Council with pictures of 1401 4th Street, 1403 4th Street, 1416 4th Street, 1605 4th Street, and 500 Alabama showing the poor, unsightly conditions, and got the council’s permission to take action to tear them down.

“All of these are ready to take action on and condemn,” Luckett said.

Luckett also brought up the issue of a property in a subdivision which has large trucks and numerous inoperable vehicles. The property is owned by Richard Jackson, who has been cited several times but has still not removed the vehicles.

“He was here at the council and he promised us he was going to get the big trucks fixed,” Luckett said. “Well, it’s still there.”

Luckett asked the council what they want him to do next and said it is hard to write citations to other people in the city when nothing has been done to Jackson.

“We gave him a timeline to get all that debris away,” Luckett said. “I’ve talked to him and brought it to the council. He uses it for truck troubles, but its also a junk yard. He’s even got trucks on other people’s property.

That’s what is causing the issue. And then when I get on other people about their property, they get on me about why we aren’t doing anything about that particular situation.”

The city has an ordinance on the book which allows them to fine a property owner $100 for the violation and then $50 for every day the violation is not corrected.

Luckett said he has already sent Jackson a copy of the ordinance.

“He started to clean up a little bit,” Luckett said. “But I guess he did just enough to get us off his back. The residents down there just want to see it cleaned up.”

Mayor Sherman Smith instructed Luckett to notify Jackson that the matter was being referred to the courts.

“Go back and tell him that he has already been through the process and that you have done all you can and that you’re turning it over to the prosecutor,” Smith said.

By Mark Randall