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Truth is stranger than fiction’ Mark Twain … I have just finished the excellent ‘Fear Trump in the White House’ by Bob Woodward. For Those who don’t know Bob Woodward – his previous work with Carl Bernstein brought down Nixon, so we can hope that he continues on in the role of Presidential eradicator. It makes you angry that this book is a work of non-fiction rather than some drugged out fictional work as surely the content should be untrue but this doesn’t seem to be the case. The current rise of ‘Fake News’ and now ‘Fake Videos’ is disturbing and there is a need for more honest reporting – irrelevant of the damage it may cause. Let the truth be told by our Journalists is all its undignified reality.

[ Editor’s Note: I always appreciate a good Mark Twain quote, and there’s no denying the debt of gratitude America owes misters Woodward and Bernstein for their exposure of the Watergate cover- up. It’s such an ingrained part of our culture now that any scandal of note gets a “- gate” added to it to stress just how scandalous it is. You know, like “ Irangate” or “ Gropegate” or my personal favorite “ Whitewatergate”… Anyway, for as much as uncovering “ All the President’s Men” and their dirty deeds earned them fame and notariety, Woodward ( and to a lesser extent Bernstein) has been riding those coattails for a long time and he seems to have devolved into a bit of a blowhard and self- promoter. You can argue about how much he deserves that ability but it definitely rubs some people, especially those on the far right, the wrong way. As far as your comments about “ Fake News,” you could not be more correct in your assessment. I didn’t even believe the news that Roy Clark had passed away last week when I heard it until I could confirm it through several sources. Well, full disclosure… I actually didn’t believe it because I wouldn’t have thought the former “ Hee Haw” host and awesome guitar picker ( who never picked cotton) would have still been alive, but he was 95]

*** Is anyone the least bit concerned about what the new Marion overpass is going to do to traffic at Hiway 77 and LH Polk. There’s already too many wrecks there ever since they put that Walmart in and now its going to be even worse!!! [ Editor’s Note: I’m sure the powers that be are quite aware of the traffic issues there. I assure you I am aware of them, as I have to turn right from L. H.

Polk onto Highway 77 at least once every day to get to work, and left from Highway 77 onto L. H. Polk at least once every day just to get home from work, and let me tell you, it’s an especially troublesome turn any time between 7: 30 a. m. and 8 a. m. or 3: 00 p. m. to 3: 30 p. m.

when the schools are in the thick of pick- up and drop- off. Now, I will say that the actual overpass isn’t really near the Walmart or the intersection.

There will be a turnoff to the south of the Walmart and that actually might lessen the traffic load at the intersection, as River Trace residents won’t be traveling further down 77 to

“ Dead Man’s Curve” any more]

*** What happened to the Patriots Friday Night? Losing to Sylvan Hills? A team with a losing record? Did the Razorbacks show up for the game instead??? SMH [ Editor’s Note: What was your goal here? To enrage both the Marion and Razorback fanbases? Now, yes I was just as surprised as everyone else that the Patriots lost to Sylvan Hills in the playoffs, but no matter how lopsided a game looks on paper, that’s why you actually play the game, right? I did not attend the game but all the folks I talked to over the weekend said Marion just needed one of any number of plays to go their way and it would have been a win for Marion. But sometimes it just doesn’t go your way and the Pats’ season is absolutely nothing to hang their heads about. And to compare them to the woeful Hogs this season is just stupidity for stupidity’s sake. I will take this opportunity to offer a “ forks up” to the West Memphis Blue Devils and wish them good luck against Benton. But even moreso, how ‘ bout them Bulldogs? Earle went on the road and took down a number one seed to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Let’s hope they can keep it up against Foreman this Friday!]


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