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Our View

Mega-Site has Crittenden County primed for growth

At probably no other time in the history of West Memphis, Marion and Crittenden County have local leaders come together to create an industrial Mega- site that will eventually have a major economic impact on Arkansas as well as the entire eastern Arkansas Delta region.

The 1,800-acre Interstate 40 site that encompasses the two cities that began last summer has now been given the Select Site certification designation, which now means the formal status signals the cities and county are prepared to market the prime location as a leading candidate for high-tech, manufacturing and distribution projects.

Of special significance is the partnership the cities and county now have with Entergy Arkansas as well as the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, both major power players when it comes to major industrial recruitment.

This unique and coveted designation consists of a 50-point certification process that satisfies shovel- ready site requirements by prospective companies and site location consultants.

We’re told this Mega-site and its unique designation will position all of Arkansas as a prime location for major manufacturing facilities and puts all of Eastern Arkansas one step closer to going after the next North American super project, so says Mike Preston, executive director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission. For as long as we can remember West Memphis touted its many economic development assets which included two major interstates, rail, Mississippi River port to some of the cheapest utility rates in the country but has never, until now, put together such a development that included a joint partnership with both private and local governmental entities.

We’d like to once again like to give special accolades to Phillip Sorrell, director of the West Memphis Economic Development office and Project Manager Mallory Darby. For eight months Sorrell and Darby have worked diligently working with Entergy putting the pieces together that we know will bring about big dividends.

As Crittenden County Judge Woody Wheeless said, Crittenden County’s unified partnership has created a shovel-ready and certified industrial Mega-site that can be marketed by some of the best economic development experts within the Arkansas Economic Development Commission as well as those associated with Entergy Arkansas.

Let’s make it vividly clear, what these experts have been able to assemble and pull off is a truly major accomplishment that very will be one of Arkansas’ biggest economic accomplishments. This is a Mega- site that will certainly attract both national and international attention and comes at a time when major industrial prospects are taking developing in the United States very seriously.

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