Text The Times.

Text The Times.

It seems that some of the citizens of West Memphis have issues with the new Mayor even though he has been in office only three days I have read two letters to the editor complaining about who’s being appointed to city positions. I agree with the editors response to these letters, also three days is not enough time to evaluate the direction this mayor is going to take the city I am sure that either of those text would feel that they are being prejudge before they had the chance to actually implement their vision. Let’s just wait and see. [ Editor’s Note: It’s important to remember that Mayor McClendon isn’t being “ prejudged” on his abilities as leader of the city based on his three days in office. He’s being “ pre- judged” on the past decade- and- a- half he has been in the public eye while serving on the city council. And while he has definitely done some positive things for his community, you have to admit there have been plenty of negative things as well… well I mean, you have to admit it if you’re being honest]

*** Mr. Text the times man’ I was just wondering, in the article about Marco, Jan 4. page 3 if the paper forgot! Or if where it says and I quote “no more it matters whether or not you are black, brown, male, female, rich or poor” unquote just wandering if paper forgot about the white people or if Marco forgot about the white people! Go figure, u won’t run this anyway! [ Editor’s Note: Hahahaha! I love when I get the “ you’re probably too scared to run this” challenge. It’s the closest thing to “ I double- dog dare you!” I can get since I’m no longer in the third grade. I’m sure the mayor was simply suggesting that everyone is included in his vision for the city of West Memphis. He didn’t mention Hispanics, homosexuals or Methodists either. Not everyone needs a shout- out to be included. Whatever short-comings Mayor McClendon might have, I’m pretty confident he’s aware of the white population of West Memphis]

*** Fake news seems to be the only sort of news that most of us get now but is that approach common in other parts of society? What about misleading or confusing news items as well? A local news report commented on the increase in price of a breakfast cereal, actually it was the same price but a decrease in volume. Apparently the smaller size was 'more popular'. When contacted the company said it was 'An adjustment in price' whereas it would have been more accurate to say an increase in price. When they were asked for more details they responded that they were 'Realigning our value pack offering' which seems difficult to interpret. Tell the truth when you rip us off less product is not more popular, it's simply less. [ Editor’s Note: Sometimes I almost can’t buy something because I assume I’m getting ripped off.

And sadly, I’m usually right.

Like last summer, I needed a new TV for the living room because the old one died, and there were so many options — UHD, 4K, OLED, etc. — I wasn’t sure why one was $ 500 and one that seemed to be virtually the exact same TV was $ 750. And then there was one for $ 299… same size, same specs, different brand. But back to your comments… as a kid, I noticed that candy bars always got smaller and smaller while the prices kept going up.

And it’s not my imagination either. I’ve actually done some research. In the 160’ s, a Snicker’s Bar was 65 grams.

Now, it’s 48 grams… oh, but they’ll sell you a “ King Size” Snicker’s Bar, for more money, of course. Meanwhile the price has gone from 25 cents to a dollar. A more recent example… and I hate to call anyone out like this, but they’re going out of business anyway, so… Ace Hardware, which, like I said is going out of business, has claimed to have slashed their prices store- wide for the big liquidation sale. So, over the weekend, the wife and I stopped by, and sure enough, there are signs everywhere with “ 20 percent off” and other discounts marked on other items. My wife came across a portable vacuum that was “ marked down” to $ 129. This was the going- out- ofbusiness price. So, just to see what I was actually getting, I looked it up on Amazon, and lo and behold, it was available there ( with free 2- day shipping thanks to Amazon Prime) for $ 89.90. Once I showed my wife, her enthusiasm for the sale completely vanished. Now, I can’t attest to whether or not you’d see similar results price comparing other items they had for sale but every time I go to make any kind of significant purchase I just know someone’s trying to get over on me.

Don’t even get me started on buying a new car…]

*** I’ve heard all the rumors! Can we get some facts about the Marion Police Department. If it’s true, someone needs to lose their jobs!!! Come on Evening Times… Your not part of the coverup too? [ Editor’s Note: So, surely you read the story in Monday’s paper. Now, no, I did not include a lot of the details that are pretty much confirmed about that whole deal, but not because we’re part of some cover- up. In fact, it’s quite the opposite… we would very much like to present all of the facts surrounding the investigation currently underway by the Arkansas State Police. However, we do try very hard to report only unbiased, confirmed facts, and there just aren’t any at this time. When the Arkansas State Police tell you they have no comment, there’s just not going to be any infor-mation until they are ready to release it. Now, I will say that if the story we’re hearing is true, there definitely needs to be a serious look at the city’s leadership and what can be done. I would say go check out Topix for all the dirt, but I see that sleazy site has finally been shut down]

*** GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN! Good, let’s keep it that way! It’s supposed to be “Government By The People!”

[ Editor’s Note: Well… it’s “ government of the people, for the people, by the people,” but I’m picking up what you’re putting down. Now, having said that, I’d be just fine with certain parts of the government staying shut down… but only the parts that, you know, don’t affect me. I’d really like to keep the stuff like the Army, the roads and fire departments]


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