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Rumors swirl on MPD investigation

City, police officials keeping tight lid on developing story

By the Evening Times News Staff

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When even Action News 5 can’t get the story, it’s clear that official information is hard to come by.

Such is the case with an investigation into… something going on with the Marion Police Department. Although details have been leaking through unofficial sources since Thursday afternoon, the Marion Police Department, the Arkansas State Police and the mayor of Marion are not releasing any information.

What is known is that the Arkansas State Police were in Marion late last week in regards to some sort of incident involving the Marion Police Department. Memphis TV news crews crashed a Marion Fire and Police Commission meeting attempting to gain information based on calls made to the station. Neither Marion Police Chief Gary Kelley nor Mayor Frank Fogleman would comment.

Attempts to gain insight from the Arkansas State Police were met with similar silence.

But that did not stop the rumor mill from churning on social media. Facebook was hit with all manner of speculation, including mysterious hints from folks who claimed to be in the know but were not willing to “break the story” on Facebook.

Over the weekend, the Marion Police Depart- ment’s own Facebook page became a sounding board, both for pieces of the story and from concerned citizens who felt it was the department’s duty to let the public know what was going on with the investigation.

After deleting several posts that contained profanity and personal attacks, Chief Kelly posted a warning on the page.

“Due to the recent negative posts, comments and profanity this page apparently must be more closely monitored,” wrote the chief. “It is supposed to help keep this community informed regarding public safety information. Sadly, it appears it has become a place of verbal abuse and pure ugliness. It will no longer be tolerated and any members who choose to continue to do so, will be deleted. This page is a courtesy to the community and citizens of Marion and Crittenden County… where our elected officials and police officers WILL be treated with respect. If you have concerns or questions you feel you need answers too, feel free to contact me at the police department, 870-739-2101.1 will address your concerns and try to answer your questions in a timely manner!”

[Editor’s Note: This is a developing story. Further details and official confrmable news are expected in the coming days. Keep an eye on future editions, the Times ’ Facebook page and our web site, www.

theeveningtimes .com, for information as it becomes available ]

What’s going on at the Marion Police Department? That’s a question many concerned citizens want answered. City and law enforcement officials are keeping a tight lid on an unconfirmed investigation by the Arkansas State Police.

Photo courtesy of MPD

“If you have concerns or questions you feel you need answers to, feel free to contact me at the police department, 870-739-2101 — Marion Police Chief Gary Kelley, addressing rumors and comments on the MPD Facebook page