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I am writing this to people in general, but also to those who take a more real interest in agriculture, its methods and its effects. I live in Crittenden Co. Scientific studies have made it plain and clear that dicamba’s volatility and indiscriminate spread presents a real danger to agriculture, the environment, (all surrounding areas) animals, birds and People. I am against the expansion of dicamba use beyond the current April 15th cutoff. The extra warmer days would increase the volatility (loss of control) and damage caused by dicamba against non-GMO crops, organic farmers, Wildlife Refuges, and more disease to people in general. Dicamba is a powerful reckless poison, far more poisonous than Roundup ever was. It will have a sickening destructive effect on honeybee populations, city parks, native trees and plants, as well as the harmful effects against people, especially those with serious respiratory problems and those already weakened by dozens of types of cancers. I am a cancer survivor and know a good deal about this subject.

Dicamba drift on to native plants within neighboring farms will cause delays in the natural flowering process and further harm against honeybees, butterflies and birds. The more acreage sprayed with Dicamba, the more the atmosphere, mile after mile, will be saturated with this poison. The heavy overuse of Dicamba will do FAR more harm than good and it is seriously more poisonous than Roundup. Monarch butterflies already in a terrible decline will find it nearly impossible to reproduce and complete their life cycles. That is NOT good news, folks. Has anybody here lived long enough to remember what DDT did to the Bald Eagle and the large hawks? A 30 day comment period is now open through February 5th, and it’s followed by a public hearing on Feb. 20th concerning this proposal of expanding Dicamba use beyond the the older April 15th cutoff. Tell the Plant Board (of Arkansas) to vote NO on this proposal! You can find out more about the online comment form and details about the hearing from sites like Audubon Arkansas website. ar.audubon.org/dicamba. PS dear Evening Times, please publish my letter here. I’m as serious as cancer about this subject. Tell all your friends with influence, Vote NO! Bill Thurman living in Crittenden Co. AR

[ Editor’s Note: I’m no agricultural thought we were already through with dicamba. I’m really not sure why we’re considering bringing it back. Surely there are other alternatives that would get the job done]

*** You can’t tell me nobody knew what was going on in Sunset. [ Editor’s Note: I’m just as surprised at you are. What I’m actually surprised at is the amount. $ 80,000 is a lot of money, and I would not have wagered that you could find $ 80,000 in all of Sunset. That’s not a knock against the small town, it’s just that there’s not much there and it is actually pretty amazing if someone managed to siphon off that much from the city]

*** All those skycops and folks are still committing crimes in west Memphis. They will figure it out soon… that won’t go around here any more!! [ Editor’s Note: I hope you’re right. Monday’s paper was “ The Evening Crimes” for sure. I wish Chief West and his crew the best at tackling crime in the city. It’s no easy task, I’m sure, but I did see they just graduated a new class from the WMPD Academy, so let’s hope the new officers are ready for the tough job ahead of them]

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