Flooding closes Arkansas schools

Flooding closes Arkansas schools

LITTLE ROCK — Several schools were closed Tuesday due to significant amounts of flooding across the state of Arkansas.

iDrive Arkansas, the driver information app hosted by the Arkansas Department of Transportation, also shows several areas in Northeast Arkansas with road closures because of Monday’s rain.

Most of the schools that were closed Tuesday are in the White County area.

With more rain in the forecast on Friday, high water could impact some areas for the remainder of the week.

Temperatures are expected to drop today and tomorrow, but high winds and sunshine should lead to drying conditions in much of the state.


‘Heaven Has a Wall’ message sparks controversy

for grocery store

CAMDEN — A family- owned grocery store with several locations in Southeast Arkansas sparked debate when an ad mailer included a controversial political message.

The mailer for four Cashsaver stores in Arkansas current mailer includes a message that references the U.S./Mexico border wall controversy. It reads, “Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy. Hell has open borders. Let that sink in.”

Those words aren’t sitting well with some customers.

Other customers appreciated the message. Employees at the store off Washington Street say they’ve been approached by dozens of customers and received even more phone calls.

“They’re just making a political spin out of it and getting the wrong idea of what it really means,” explained Manager Jack Digby.

Digby says the store owner is responsible for the message. He claims this was intended to have a Christian meaning, nothing political.

“I am for the company and I am for God. There’s nothing wrong with what that statement says,” Digby said.


Teacher charged with battery after incident with student

ROGERS — A Rogers High School teacher is given a citation for an incident that happened in January, according to a criminal report from the Rogers Police Department.

Kanosha Grigsby was written a citation for third degree battery following an incident at Rogers High School with a student.

According to a probable cause report, Grigsby was trying to get a student to stop for another teacher.

Grigsby said she put her hand on the student and told the person to calm down.

The student walked away, and Grigsby grabbed the student by the hoodie that the student was wearing, according to the report.

The student reportedly tried to pull away from Grigsby and hit the teacher in the face with a purse, which knocked off Grigsby’s glasses. Grigsby said in an effort to control the student she pushed the student against a wall, according to the report. The school resource officer did notice a slight bump to the back of the student’s head and some redness around the front of the student’s neck.

A statement from the school said, “A safe and respectful learning environment for students and staff is always our expectation. We are working closely with the police in investigating an interaction of concern at RHS. The staff member involved has been placed on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.”