Caught in the Loop

Caught in the Loop

You can’t make this stuff up.

I mean, it doesn’t get any better than the Virginia state tumult that was self-fulfilling and self-inflicted by professional politicians in the Democrat party this last week.

I won’t use names.

Using names might give some importance to these politicians. And really, they deserve no status whatsoever. For these politicians are merely pawns and puppeteers in their own demented game of class warfare, “Me-too” movement activities, and racist calling-out in their state which reminds one more of a game of checkers than anything else.

How it all started… So…the Governor of Virginia was discussing proposed new abortion legislation which amounted to a death sentence for new-borns. That’s right, the Gov. doesn’t even want to bother with vacuuming babies from the womb now. He’s on video, talking in a creepy-low voice about babies hitting the table and lowering the ka-boom on them. Mouthing words of infanticide, trying to make out like it’s just another event in the day of… Like that.

How to get shed of him?

That’s the Democrats problem, right? Because in New York it might not have been such a big deal. Electing bar tenders to a job as representative in Congress, or making death talk about innocents in New York leads to standing ovations on their government floor and lighting up the neon on the sides of buildings.

Yet, Virginia voters are not as impressed with such proposals.

Maybe they recall that the last time we paid any attention to Virginia Democrats it led to the outbreak of the Civil War. Shades of “Look away, Look away, Dixieland.”

So someone got on the phone and called up orders to find an embarrassing event in the Governor’s past to hit him with and get him out of the picture.

Which they did.

Him in blackface, or a KKK outfit. One or the other…both were in his yearbook. And he admitted he was in one or the other.

Next day, however, he disclaimed that he was one or the other in the picture.

But the picture was still there. Maybe it fell out of the sky onto a page of his nineteen-eighties yearbook. Or slid out of oblivion after radical right-wing conspirators of the Fifth Dimension posted it.

But, oh my goodness.

Everyone’s in the act, calling for the Gov. to resign including all 50 or 60 presidential candidates in the 2020 campaign. For in the modern Democratic party, killing innocent babies somehow registers as being less important than what you wear in dress-up?


All are screaming, as is the Legislative Black Caucus in Virginia.

“Gov’s got to go…Gov’s got to go!”

Then, the Number Two man-the Lieutenant Governor is accused by a woman of sexual misconduct during his college days.

And he is a black man.

Suddenly, the Legislative Black Caucus goes underground and disappears from the scene.

Then the state’s Attorney General is found to have been in blackface once in his past. And he had been urging the Governor to resign. So, did HE offer to resign immediately? Uh, no.

And, WHAM!

A second charge comes up of a sexual allegation against the Lieutenant Governor-this time during the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Wow, you never can what goes on at those Democratic conventions, can you?

And the Virginia Black Caucus? At the last place they were reported to been, they jumped into a hole and then pulled the hole in with them…not to be found for comment.

To recap at this point.

One racist charge against the Governor.

Two sexual charges against the Lieutenant Governor.

One racist complaint against the State Attorney General.

What WILL the Democrats do? Since they are the very same party that has taken a hard line against misconduct against women and minorities, they want to be the same ones who turn out the ones responsible for any history of conduct like that.

Now, however, the fates come into the picture.

They work their magic, and we find that a Republican happens to be Number Three in line for the Governorship in Virginia.

No lie.

Like I said before…you can’t make this stuff up.

So, with all the three Virginia Democrat legislators condemned for either whistling at the ladies or whistling Dixie, what’s the likelihood that they will be turned out by their Democrat conspirators and all will be well?

Zero, that’s what.

Nothing will happen.


Because one party in this country-the Democrat party- is also the master of the double-standard, hypocrisy, and cover-ups.

A Governor who pulls down the statues of Confederate generals, but dresses in KKK outfits.

And a Number Two and Number Three in political positions in Virginia who cannot speak against him, because their own glass houses would be shattered to pieces if anyone tosses so much as a pebble in their direction.

Like I say, you can’t make this stuff up.

And even if you did, no one but the Democrats would believe it.

And they won’t do anything about it anyway. So, no problems.

Robert L. Hall is a resident of Marion and has a Bachelor’s Degree in music from the University of Memphis and a Master’s Degree from Florida State University. He is the pianist for Avondale Baptist Church and a writer of fiction on Amazon eBooks.

By Robert L. Hall