Text The Times.

Text The Times.

So happy TV guides for Tues and Thurs in paper. What are the chances of getting TV guide for Sat and Sun included in Friday’s paper?

[Editor’s Note: I don’t think there is any more room on that page for more TV guides, but I’ll ask the folks in production if there’s any magic they can work. Folks already complain about the puzzles being too small, so I’d be reluctant to try and shoehorn anything else in there]

*** I am a resident of Earle, Ar., and I would just like to talk about the infestation of flying nets that are taking over our homes and neighborhood. They are coming from the sweet potato factory on Hwy. 64. We need to get a petition started and have the owner to get those potatoes out of there and have Orkin pest control to come out and spray that place. It’s a shame that we have to live like this even the Raid spray that we buy is not enough to kill the bugs and the city spray every night, the cold weather don’t get rid of them, the owner don’t care, he don’t live here and he don’t even employ any of the resident of Earle so why is the city of Earle letting them infest our city like this something need to be done. Please print this! [Editor’s Note: First things first… There’s a sweet potato factory on Highway 64? How did I know nothing about this? Second thing… do you mean flying “gnats,” because if so, I’ll be they’re fruit flies. I had fruit flies in my house for MONTHS, and we could not get rid of them. There are pest control laws regarding the keeping of livestock, but from what I can find, I’m not sure the company would be held responsible for spraying the whole city, just property under their control]


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