Charges pile up for accused thief

Charges pile up for accused thief

Investigation into stolen farming implement uncovers more criminal activity Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Charles Emmett Brown, 59, of Earle is in jail on a long list of charges following an investigation by the Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office.

“Sheriff’s Deputies arrested an Earle man Monday evening after a farmer located his stolen plow disc in the yard of Charles Brown on Russell Cemetery Road,” explained Crittenden County Sheriff Mike Allen. “A local farmer Monday afternoon noticed his plow disc stolen from his farm shop north of Earle and followed the dirt on the road that led south. He drove toward Earle and drove around until he spotted his disc behind a tractor in the yard of Brown on Russell Cemetery Road.”

Brown was charged with felony theft by receiving, and Detective Mike Hardin and Chief Todd Grooms decided to dig a little deeper with a follow-up investigation.

“A search warrant was conducted at the suspect’s home and detectives recovered a stolen Tractor and two utility trailers, all from Cross County,” said Allen.

“Inside the home detectives located a marijuana plant growing. Detectives also located 11 firearms, and explosive materials.”

Brown, who already has a lengthy criminal history, now faces additional charges, including of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a controlled substance for the marijuana, criminal possession of explosives, to go along with the original theft by receiving charge.

By Ralph Hardin