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DRC gets first look at new Bragg Elementary

DRC gets first look at new Bragg Elementary


DRC gets first look at new Bragg Elementary

Plans offer sneak peek at designs for upgraded facility

A new Bragg elementary school is on the drawing board. West Memphis School District unrolled design drawings for the City of West Memphis Design Review Commission. Ladd Geary presented plans by ETFC Architects to City Planner Paul Luker and commissioners Thursday afternoon at City Hall.

existing building opened.

Martin remembered waiting out part of second grade to move into Bragg during 1951-52 school year.

“We had an old storage building in the Hulbert School parking lot. They had to clean it out for us to do second grade while they were getting Bragg ready,” said Martin. “But, we were the first ones in there.

Brand new!”

After waxing nostalgic Martin called for the plans and looked to the future.

The architect laid out the 72,000 square foot kindergarten through sixth grade school building designed for 575 students.

“The new facility will go in the empty lot facing Redding Street,” said Geary. “Bus pick up will be

With the unveiling of the new plans, DRC Chairman Frank Martin noted he had seen Bragg come full circle. He was their when the

By John Rech

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