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Proctor man, woman arrested

Proctor man, woman arrested



Man who grew 8-foot pot plant busted for meth By Ralph Hardin

Call it a lesson not learned.

A Proctor man is back behind bars after a drug bust at his home for the second time in as many years.

Mason Ross, 22, is no stranger to law enforcement. Back in September of 2018, Ross was arrested after being busted for growing an 8-foot-tall marijuana plant in his backyard after the Sheriff’s Department received an anonymous tip about the plant.

In 2018, Ross called growing the plant “an experiment.”

“I didn’t even know it was gonna come up,” he said.

Ross’s experiments apparently continued, as Last Friday, the Sheriff’s Department came calling again.

This time, it was for methamphetamines.

“I think it was about approximately a quarter of an ounce,” Lt.

Darrell Prewitt said.

While the drugs seized were in small quantities, Ross was on the CCSO’s radar. Deputies were were monitoring Ross’s house, and this time Ross was not alone in getting on the wrong side of the law.

This time investigators say, he had an accomplice, Helen Ross, 56, who was also arrested on drug possession and drug paraphernalia charges.

“Criminals know no boundaries,” Lt. Prewitt said. Prewitt said the arrests are part of a new partnership between Crittenden County deputies and West Memphis police officers in a coordinated attack on drugs.

“[Our departments] decided that it would be better for us to combine our efforts,” Prewitt said. “If you want to do illegal narcotics whether it’s purchasing or selling, you may want to do it outside of Crittenden County.”

Mason Ross remains in custody at the Crittenden County Detention Center on a $40,000 bond. Helen Ross is also being held on a $40,000 bond.

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